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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    Driving up I-95N through VA, can I take route 64W to I-81N and avoid MD and DC on my way to PA? If you want, you can PM me.
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    Looking for a Smartphone App

    Not gaming related, but if nobody knows here I'll post in another section. I'm looking for an app for use by a small, tight-knit neighborhood. If a resident sees trouble, they can use the app to alert the other neighbors. Something like what the authorities use for Amber alerts Something...
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    Now I've Seen Everything:
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    K&N Filters...For Your Home?

    MERV 11 is a good filter.
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    Recent Vets?

    Please PM me, I have a couple of questions about the ASVAB.
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    KESSEY Question

    Reading about how thieves can somewhat easily steal your car by intercepting the key fob to car signal when you use the remote to lock your car, what about if you always use the door handle touch pad? Seems to me, the thieves' devices cannot intercept the signal, if it even sends one. How does...
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    I Feel Sorry for People Stuck in CA The Truth Behind California’s Law On Using Track Mode On The Street (
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    Subsidiary of VAG

    And screws the pooch. Tell Me Best Electric Vehicle Chargers Are Breaking Electric Vehicles Story by Charlene Badasie • Yesterday 11:49 AM Electrify America has been struggling with several issues related to its charging stations recently. From unreliable chargers that are frequently out...
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    What's the thought on a 2016 Volvo s60 polestar?

    Personally, I would buy any Volvo because the dealers are far and few between where I live.
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    If You're an EE or Thinking About Becoming One...

    I know it's a difficult specialty to learn, but it's the future.
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    Looks like Jay Leno's Show Was Cancelled
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    Code Readout Hack for Some Vehicles
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    Any Buy From

    I read the link in your post. I might try ordering with a gift card so they don't have my credit card info.
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    Any Buy From

    Well, if you did not see in the title, or figure out for yourselves you probably add ".com" at the end, perhaps you need to take Adderall.