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    Greatest Face Palm Stories of All Time

    I'm older than dirt, so I have more than one. I'm backing out of the garage in my 1978 Trans Am (yes, it had the optional high-performance Pontiac 6.6 T.A. engine). It was an old house, where the garage was built for a Model T. I open the door so I could tell how far I was from the side of...
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    California? Hard to Believe.

    California Now Allows Residents To Wrap Their Front License Plates (
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    What's Normal? This Can't Possibly Work Well.

    New Laws To Require Anti-Drunk Driving Features Installed In New Cars (
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    VW Scout

    VW May Revive Scout Brand With $40,000 Electric Pickup, SUV (
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    Think About This...

    Dealers carry Workshop Insurance for this, but I would still see if your own insurance company needed at least know about it. I think every company has a time limit. Years ago, I was rear-ended while sitting at a traffic light. There was already a car sitting in front of and behind me. I...
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    What’s your favorite Tool?

    The simple Crow Foot. Could not have tightened up my new kitchen faucet without it.
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    Think About This...

    At the dealer I use, only the two people I know well drive it. If your car is tuned I would be careful. Not for the warranty, but that the added power could cause a lot person to crash.
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    You Younger Light Vehicle Owners - Keep Your Junker Cars

    Eventually, you'll might be able to cash them out for a profit.
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    Think About This...

    Mechanic killed after Jeep ‘lurched forward’ following oil change. Vehicle owner sued (
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    Toyota Dealer Abuses Customer Car

    ‘Thank God for that dash cam’: AutoNation Toyota worker caught messing up car while servicing it (
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    The Future - EV Tuning

    Don't know how much the tune costs. I'm sure it's not cheap, and like the owner says you don't get the bigger brakes. Probably worth the extra $10K or whatever to get the performance version from the factory. I'd still wait for better batteries. Tesla Model 3 Tuned! Boosting The Power With...
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    Fellow VAG Destroys Plaid at the Strip

    But the Tesla should be able to do that all day, every day, and maybe even keep its warranty. How long will the Audi last?
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    Ford and Honda Pull Out of SEMA

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    If They Did This Where I Live...

    The speed limit would probably be 100. :) There are no speed limits posted on the new US 183 South toll road. Here's why (
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... 3 People Regurgitate Twitter Posts While Millions Of Guns Kill Nobody

    The Republican questioning her missed his chance. When she said she wasn't a biologist, he merely should have asked her if she was a woman.