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    New cruise control

    Hi Guys Just put on my new cruise control stick, I have sorted out the delightful errors that you get from the steering, ESP, Power assist. But my cruise control does not work at all. The manual says that I need to access the engine coding via my vag com to enable the feature, but I don't know...
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    Help taking off steering wheel

    I have just got a new Cruise control kit for my MKV GTI, does anybody know how to get the steering wheel off?? Cheers!!!
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    few more Pictures + UK Speed camera!!

    Just a few more pictures of my new GTI!!! Plus also would like your comments on speed cameras, the one in the pictures lasted around 5 hours!! :eyebulge:
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    Got my new MKV GTI

    Hi All!! Got my new MkV GTI now, just have a look at this thread for the pics
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    Got my new Mk V!!

    Got my new MkV GTI the other day, just thought that I would post some pics :coolpics: Candywhite 5 Door DSG Leather Winter Pack 18" Monza' Xenon Lights 2zone Climate control Planning to add the ABT kit with the Bonnet :thumbup: and also getting the Revvo kit for xmas (if my partner & son are...
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    My first post, just to say Hi from West Sussex UK!! Getting my new Golf GTI Mk5 in Candy White soon. Going to go and get it from Factory should be end of aug with any luck So will be posting some pictures soon!!! O yeah does any body know where you can get the Vortex Body Kit for the Mk5?