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    VW GTI Fast w/ Original Box + Packaging

    I was cleaning out my closet and found my poor fast sitting in it's box. I'm looking for a new owner who can take the fast and give it the life it deserves. Please save this fast and give it a home! This is the large one (not keychain size) that came with purchasing the car. So really it cost...
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    Drift City (kind of a shameless plug)

    Hey guys, This is somewhat of a shameless plug, but I work for an online game company and one of our games is Drift City. It's a online racing MMO with play similar to Crazy Taxi. And yes, there is a mkv GTI in the game. The game is free so we don't have the lisence, so it goes by the name...
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    Local WTT: My leather seats for your plaid seats + cash

    Just thought I would post this here also, since maybe not everyone checks the classifieds. Local SF Bay Area or OC, willing to meet. I could meet anywhere in between actually, since I'll have to make that drive every few weekends. Thanks...
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    WTT: My leather seats for your plaid cloth seats + cash

    This is a feeler. I'm moving down to sunny Southern California and so I'm looking to trade my leather seats for some plaid cloth seats + plus. I'm not in a huge rush and I will survive so no lowball offers. It's just something I'm seriously considering if the right offer comes around. I'd...
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    Want some advice about relocating.

    Hey guys, There's a chance I might be relocating down to Irvine. Company is moving there. I'm not very familiar with the area, so I'm looking for suggestions about where to live. I'm single so raising a family isn't a big concern, but I'd still want to avoid living in some ghetto areas if...
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    SF Bay Area Detail Place

    I'm wondering if anyone in the Bay Area has any recommendations for a good detailing place. Thanks. Daniel
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    Nor Cal Bay Area Sightings Thread

    I notice there was no sightings thread, so I decided to start one. I almost never see any other MKV GTI, except I see a UG GTI parked at Villa Cortina on Winchester quite often. I'm the BM GTI that is there sometimes. Daniel