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    Not my day

    So, earlier this afternoon, while jumping on the highway, gave it some beans and well, nothing. Crazy power loss some fuel cuts and it wasn't running that great. No CEL, either. So luckily the dealership was at the next exit so i took it in, they were pretty busy so im still waiting to hear. but...
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    Golf R North America

    So here is one of the first reviews of the North American Golf R i could find. Motortrend isn't my favourite but they seem to like it. It looks a bit softer than the Euro R, and I didn't realize it was 'battling (according to motor trend)' against the STI's and Evo's. It will be interesting to...
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    CTS Turbo R32

    stumbled across this on a little youtube hunt and thought i would share.. they only have a few vids but good god does this R sound good. makes some pretty solid numbers too...gotta love the HD vids leme know what you think
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    got a quote

    so i found a dealer for VMR's in Ontario...they (simplytire) have lots to choose from and I was quoted 1,070 (CND) for 18' 710...? what do you guys think...its before taxes too...
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    Spring is coming

    So last year was the year to purchase the GTI...this year comes the fun stuff Keep note i'm in school still so I dont have an unlimited supply of money but i would really appreciate some advice for some upgrades. To be completely honest, i'm torn between making my UG a little more me but I also...
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    noobs r' us

    So im the proud owner of an 07 UG her to bits. but im in need of some suspension advice. im looking to get some new shoes next year prolly 18's and i was looking at just getting some H&R super sport springs to make it sit a little better. but im now thinking that might be the cheap...
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    Need some help...

    I'm pretty new to this forum, been reading for a little but never posted. Picked up my first GTi a few months ago, 07 united grey, and i love it. its sickening really but i'm ready to make it my own. I have the 17" classix, not bad, but im not in the market for new rims yet so i was wondering...