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    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    Where is Constant at?
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    F23T vs mid 90's Z28

    So, there I was, driving my egg. I passed this Camaro and couldn't tell if it was a V6 or V8. My roommate rolls down the window and the driver can't see us, yet. I finally notice the Z28 badge up front. At this point, the driver notices us checking out his car. He down shifts acting like he...
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    Shoei RF-900 Helmet

    I have a Shoei RF-900 series race helmet. Wore it twice for about 12 seconds. My dad gave it to me and I don't even own a street bike :iono: Brand new it goes for 499$(the thing is brand new lol.) Looking for 250 + shipping. Shoot me a PM.
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    '13 STI vs '13 370z NISMO

    On my way to church this morning on the deserted Mexicans highways. Right? HA Anyways, I was on my way to church and before I hit the Mexican freeway a 370z is weaving through traffic to catch up to me. I knew exactly what was about to go down. Sport Sharp, and pussy control are turned off. I...
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    WTB: 5x114.3 wheel spacers

    Worth a shot, but I'm looking to find some 15mm wheel spacers for my STI. Let me know what you have. I need 4.
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    GTI to STI?

    So I've been crazy interested in wheels lately. As should all car enthusiast. The Enkei NT03+M 18x9.5 is what I'm looking for. Not sure when I will buy them with winter approaching, it might be a mid- winter type of buy to get ready for spring. So this happened, cray cray. Also, got the GTI...
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 9)

    Do people just cross thread stuff on purpose? Or are people literally just that dumb? This fucker took me like 15 minutes to get off with an 18" wrench. 2.5 threads in and are all smashed.
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 9)

    Some bucks I saw this morning
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 9)

    Mmmmm I want these wheels more and more!
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    H&R SuperSport springs/shocks

    I have the same setup. Pictures of them on my car. 17" classix with 225/45 tires. Should be a good enough example. GLWS!
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 9)

    So I get to watch them set this huge ass compressor Today. 2 cranes (200, and a 120 ton) pretty sweet.
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 9)

    My boss rolled up in dis bitch this morning. Haha what a badass.
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 9)

    I got less fat today, pretty much it. Oh and this happened, Rus took a badass picture of my car and now it's getting some love on FB from some STI pages.
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 9)

    MATT! Just to give you an idea about how big this turbo is. The exhaust(second picture) is approx. 32" wide.