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    OEM LED Part #

    does anyone have the OEM LED part #? I went to the dealer here in germany and they can't find the lights in the ETKA system.
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    Nuerburgring anyone??

    anyone here planning on going to Nuerburgring anytime soon?? i havent gone in a while, i think since march '07 but now that i got new brakes i might take the red beast for a lap or two. I think thats the reason my brakes didn't last log. I must have done like 9 or 10 laps x 22km. That is car...
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    GOLF MKV Cabrio!!!!!!!!

    made you look:clap: . check this out. A3 cabrio
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    **Official Rice Thread!!!!!! Post em' up!**

    ill go first:laugh:
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    How much would you guys pay for an authentic German plate??

    i got a german plate for sale.
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    My Pics of Frankfurt Auto Show

    here are a few shots i took at the IAA.
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    Video & Pics - Awe Dashpod/Defi Boost Gauge.

    comments welcomed.:tongue: video code doesn't work. here is the link
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    Name that song!

    anyone know the name of this song. i would like to acquire it.:wink:
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    new shadow body kit on germany ebay.:barf:
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    How well would rieger sideskirts match with Votex lip?? pics anyone??

    The rieger sideskirts are my favorite but i would like to get the votex lip. How well would these match up together. Would the sideskirts look too low from the sides compared to the Votex lip??
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    Video I made -HKS, AEM, GHL content inside!!!!!!!!

    <a href="">mkv gti</a><br><embed src="" flashvars="m=2024476547&type=video" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="430" height="346"></embed><br><a...
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    Shifty mod White instead of black PS plz.

    I'm thinking of changing the color scheme of my car from black & red to white & red. can someone PS... white Shifty hood white front grill white wheels white bottom part of Votex lip white roof white mirrors white VW emblem with red inside white GTI emblem ps. Candy white:wink: TIA oh and btw...
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    Just ordered Offset Dashpod & Defi Blue Racer Boost gauge, need 2 more guages.

    i need 2 more gauges to fill the other slots. Which two other gauges would you recommend? -Boost -:confused: -:confused:
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    *Official Nürburgring GTG.

    Here it is.... We will first meet at the ED gas station parking lot. From there, we will travel to that big dirt field/parking area.
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    Spotted: US Spec GTI in Germany.

    The other day I saw a UG GTI with white FAST sticker on rear-driverside window. We should organize some sort of US-in-Germany GTG or something. Maybe at the Nuerburgring. :burnrubber: