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    2006 GTI lease return in ~2 weeks. Any one looking to buy?

    My Reflex silver 2006 GTI goes back to the dealer in about 2 weeks. Anyone looking to buy can get a great GTI that has been relatively care free. Any one interested in details should PM me or reply here. Fun facts: - Level 2 trim. Leather seats in good condition, sunroof, Climatronic HVAC...
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    5TH Gear - 2010 GTI Enjoy! :wink:
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    DSG fill tool using pressure sprayer

    I recently priced the VAS 6262 DSG OEM fill tool for refilling the DSG transmission and it now costs around $200. :mad0259: Yes, there is the home made fix that was created by Deviantspeed: That solution is a bit too much DIY for me. My goal is to build...
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    For those of you complaining about our speedometers being off..

    Not even Honda is perfect: Honda says odometers on 6M cars click off mileage at too-quick pace honda (HMC) is notifying 6 million owners of Hondas and Acuras that they are entitled to warranty extensions and, in some cases, payments because odometers in their vehicles rolled up miles too fast...
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    Wolfsburg factory production article

    VW's 28-hour workweek goes Kaputt in Wolfsburg. Workers have accepted an increase in work week hours from 28 to a 33 after threats to move production outside the country.