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    Has anyone hear/used these products before? I was out hunting for storage ideas for my garage and the place has Griot's car care stuff. I have never heard of the name, so I thought I would ask.
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    Audi R8 wheels

    replicas can not be made fast enough...anyone know if these are available? the wheels please the wheels.
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    Eibachs pro kits installed-finally

    Well after 2 months sitting in my garage I finally installed my Pro Kit springs. I tell you they feel tight and almost stock. It does seem stiffer but complaint over bumps. In the turns it appears to stay more level with minimal body roll. Also i just love the looks, although not slammed it...
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    My Custom iPod cover

    I found this company that makes custom ipod covers, so i thought I would share my idea with you all. I ordered it from Very good company to deal with as I ordered the wrong shade of blue and they let me exchange it for the correct color. When I took the pics they silver band was...
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    Dashing through the snow in a GTI? Gotta find out where these are sold!!!
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    eibach pro or sport

    I have the chance to get either/or pretty cheap. I am the CFB(Cheap Fat Bastard). What do I get? I love my ride quaility in stock. Not sure I want to get new dampers anytime soon. What would you get?
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    i guess this is old, but LMAO
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    gotta love the Chuck
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    Finally good pix of our trip 56K beware

    Here are some of the better pix of our ride through the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hope you like them. If you don't then...HAT
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    Any one know where I can get this video? Looks really cool...
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    Pics of GTG/Ride

    We went through the mountains today on our ride. There were only four of us, I guess only bankers have off Columbus day, well here are some of the shots.
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    What is VW thinking?
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    sign me up
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    Ok, looking to get advise on tools to outfit my now cleaned up garage. Both cars can fit into it now yahoo... Back to the point, what tools are consider a must have for working on a car. I am not a mechanic by any means, but I would like to get my hands dirty with this Mkv. I have screw...
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    The Car Gods must be MAD

    at me. This weekend I spent about two hours cleaning the inside and outside of the car and today this happened- just crusing on a backcountry road and smack a rock hits my windshield. I must have done something very very wrong.