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    bwoyz toyz...amg vs gti!

    Here are some pics of my friend's red gti and my dad's amg.. enjoy!! :thumbsup: sorry if the pics look slightly odd-had to change the sizes.. (im the one leaning on the gti in the last pic)
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    urgent help-opinions needed!!

    hi guys, i was on the way to getting an RS dsg gti however the dealer is stalling.. so today I was at another dealer and i saw an Audi A3 3.2L DSG second hand, it was black and had about 22000km's on the clock.. I'm seriously thinking about the audi.. Please help me and let me know what you...
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    GTI on its way!! :)

    Hi guys, I joined this forum a while back and have been wanting a GTI for ages, finally ordered one jus recently and its coming in about a week or two, I cant wait!! :headbang: It's an RS DSG, 5door.. I was initially confused on what to get (manual or dsg) but the threads here really helped me...