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    FS: BBS RE forged wheels, 18x8, ET50, NorCal

    I haven't had a VW in over a year now, so it's time to let these wheels go... These are BBS RE wheels, which are the forged version of the BBS CH design, and weigh <20lbs without tire. They're model RE013, 18x8 ET50 in "DSK", which is a bright metallic silver. I bought them from a GolfMKV...
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    Leftovers: oil filter, locking lugs, lug caps, strut top nuts, etc

    Last remaining bits from my VW part collection. All items are OBO. OEM Oil filter for TSI: $11 shipped Passenger under seat tray + cover (for Sirius module/bluetooth) $20 shipped Audi Center caps. Tried to make custom center caps for my Audi wheels, but got lazy and gave up $10...
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    FS: Driver's Gear GTI exhaust

    For sale is a used Driver's Gear GTI exhaust. 2.5", stainless construction, made by Vibrant. No muffler, big 'ol resonator. Sounds spectacular. In great condition, nicely browned and blued from heat. On the top rear of the tips there's some melted plastic from where it would hit my bumper, but...
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    FS Rear caliper carrier bolts

    Hi, I have a set of 8 rear caliper carrier bolts for sale. These are stretch bolts and listed as "always replace". P/N N 910 068 02 $3/each online, $5/ea at a dealer SOLD
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    FS: Golf/GTI rear fog light + switch

    I have a rear fog light and fog light switch for sale. Both are in excellent condition. You can find install instructions here. Asking $70 shipped for both, but willing to split up.
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    FS: OEM aspherical mirrors

    I have a set of OEM aspherical mirrors for sale. These are in excellent condition. The glass is clear without any scratches or broken tabs. These are the OEM (non-tinted) version with heating elements, so there's no danger of clouding like the blue aftermarket ones. edit: sold
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    Tornado Red Color Matched GTI Grille

    Color matched GTI grille for my TR GTI. I think it looks much better than the normal black grille insert. It was professionally sanded and painted a couple years ago, so it has normal highway nicks and dings in the paint. No plate holes, all clips and tabs in great condition. Asking $100...
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    APR STG1 Carbonio intake (CBFA)

    Hi everyone, I have an APR Carbonio intake for sale. It's in superb condition - no cracks, no clouding, no scratches. Filter is freshly oiled. Comes with the CBFA filter. EDIT: SOLD
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    FS: Bilstein PSS10 B16 Coilovers, 16k miles

    So, the part out begins! Bilstein B16 PSS10 Coilovers, Bilstein P/N 48-135245 (F4-GM5-D524) Coilovers were used for <16000 miles, all mild California weather. When installed, I used brand new upper strut mounts on all four corners, which are included with the sale (as well as the original...
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    FS: Brand new R32 oil pan

    Cracked your oilpan from excessive low? I've got a replacement for much cheaper than anywhere else! I've got a brand new, just out of box R32 oil pan for sale. The part number is 022 103 603 L (note this is the L version, not the R version. Not sure what the difference is) It also comes with...
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    Try out Nitto’s latest tire- keep the free set

    Nitto is looking for volunteers to sample Nitto’s latest tire: the Motivo. We’re looking for people with the following factory wheel sizes: Qualified volunteers will be picked on a first-come first-serve basis. We will need you to write and post a review. If you’re selected, we’ll send...
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    Misconception about optimal shift points

    Common wisdom on this forum suggests that GTI owners should shift well before redline since the turbo runs out of breath so early. I did analysis on some some dyno logs to show that this is not the case. Here's the dyno output from a friend's APR stg1 2009 DSG TSI, with requested/actual boost...
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    FS: Sirius module, $25 shipped

    In case your Sirius module has failed $25 shipped
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    BBS making BLQ reps

    It looks like BBS Germany is introducing the new RX-R wheel, which is a blatant ripoff of the Rotiform BLQ: RX-R More info BLQ: And of course, the BLQ is actually an homage (edit: sarcasm) to the LP560-4 wheel: BBS is making a replica of a replica? Discuss.
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    Dont buy from MJM Autohaus- awful customer service

    I've finally reached the end of my patience with MJM Autohaus. I've been trying to get a refund/replacement of incorrect brake pads that were shipped to me, and almost 4 months have passed while MJM seems to put in only the minimum amount of effort required to string me along. I really didnt...