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    After buying from, I am aware the luxury handbags and watches are not expensive. My lovely handbag only costs me $120 with free postage! It is more cheaper than my local stores! You will need to notice!

    seiko sna485
    Zivio kolega . . . ugradio sam samo Radio CD/MP3 s 6 CD changera orginal VW i zadnji GTI branik za sada . . . u planu su jos GTI pragovi prednji lip imam vec gore jedino sto bi isao u boju vozila
    Pozdrav, sta ima? Dobar ti je taj tvoj GT TSI. Sta si mu uradio do sada i jesil mu podigao snagu preko standardnih 170?
    nothing special, I like to collect friends ;)

    all over 17" for golf is too much for me, max 18" but I say 17" is enough with the condition of lowering 15mm least
    Got your "friend request". Anything in particular to discuss? I am looking for wheels for my GTI, most recently thinking of 17" lightweight wheels, but was focused on 18's until recently. In 18" wheels there are darn few that are light and in a style I like. I'm trying to stay under 20 pounds per wheel and woild like to be under 18 pounds.
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