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    Ticket Help

    radar units are to be calibrated before each shift, if the officer cant produce the documentation that it was calibrated to manufacture specifications prior to his shift, as your in court, he will impeach himself in the eyes of the court.
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    Anyone accidentally run into someone famous?

    Met Kevin Bacon on the Adirondak Trail.
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    Worst car Subculture

    I was given a Prius, use it to commute during the week. needing to resolve some issues, I joined a forum and found that it was full of VW hating old tree hugging asshats.
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    Dating your friend's ex-girlfriend/boyfriend?

    my best friend dated my ex of 4yrs... he remembered what I had mentioned her likes/dislikes were and swept her off her feet. 2 months later she saw him for the lying manipulative person he was. Haven't dated any of my friends ex's, just FWB'd a few
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    What was your last car?

    11 VW GTI TSI (current) 95 VW GTI VR6 (last) 86.5 VW Scirocco 16v 83 (x2) & 81 & 80 & 79 VW Scirocco & 83 Scirocco S 87 VW GTI 92 VW Jetta carot 92 Honda Prelude Si 86 VW Cabrio 88 Barretta GT 86 Capri 5.0 92 Honda Prelude 89 Toyota 4x4 (current) 87 Jeep XJ
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    GT5 snub?

    yup, disapointed here...
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    PS3 Discussion and PSN Tags

    scirocco16v (go figure) MWBO BFBC2 GT5 RDR Socom
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    Do you smoke in your GTI?

    may help if you buy or want to sell a smokers car. one bushel of sliced apples, park the car in direct sun for week or two. also works on cars that have had a corpse in it.
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    Do you smoke in your GTI?

    yes, however only kindbud
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    Whats your occupation?

    I am a Geographic Information Systems Designer & Sr CAD Designer in the water resources industry.
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    Word Association Game

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    What was your first car?

    68 Ford mustang 81 Scirocco 79 Scirocco 80 Scirocco 82 Scirocco S 81 Scirocco 80 Scirocco 88 Chevy Barretta 92 Honda Prelude 86 Scirocco 16v 95 GTI 89 Toyota 4x4 11 GTI