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    Modified MKV GTI

    $19,500 ono. I've spent six years and quite a lot of money modding this car but for one reason and another, the time has come to sell. It's an absolute blast to drive as it stops, accelerates and handles better than a 5 door shopping trolley has any right to do. It's a manual, 102,000km, full...
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    Great track mags and tyres combo....

    If you're after a well priced serious track setup, read on. I have a set of BBS CH 17 x 7.5 mags, offset ET42 with Kumho V710 tyres 225/45/17 fitted for sale. The tyres when new have two, 2mm deep grooves around them. These grooves are now 1mm deep so still have reasonable life left in them...
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    Hilarious quotes

    I just got a quote of $850 to install my spanky new 42dd downpipe by Powertone Exhaust here in Canberra. :lol: If you've had a similarly hilarious experience at some stage, share it with us.
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    When timing belts snap.....

    I thought "my god, that's cheap!" .... and then I read the description...
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    Whiteline bump steer kit

    So is anyone else still waiting for these to be delivered or for their money to be refunded?
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    Big F*@#K off brakes

    So, I installed the AP Racing brakes this weekend. Everything just dropped right into place and they fit nicely inside the 17" BBSs which was kind of surprising. Here's some pics for your viewing pleasure.........
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    Current Tarmac Challenge entrants

    There are still a few places left for those interested in entering the ATC at Holdens Proving Ground at Lang Lang, Vic next month. Here's the list of entrants so far.....
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    Dieselgeek short shift

    Fitted one of these jiggers yesterday....... Nice! Now it shifts more like the Mini. Notchy but nice.
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    Fattest 17 inch wheels

    What's the widest 17 inch wheel that will fit on our cars without resorting to folding guards etc? My car has coilovers and is low. The objective is to get as much grrrrip as I can for the Australian Tarmac Challenge at Lang Lang. I'm in the street class so can't use R compound tyres but was...
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    Lang Lang - Tarmac Challenge

    I missed out on the NSWs round, so I entered this one.... Any one else interested?....... you know you want to:smile:
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    Who can install Quaife/Peloquin LSD

    Anybody out there had a Quaife or Peloquin installed? Who by? Would you recommend the installer? I got a quote here in Canberra to supply and install a Peloquin for $3,500. It would take two weeks and the gearbox had to go to Brisbane!!
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    I'm heading out to Wakefield park on friday for a bit of a spirited driving. It's an open track day, anyone can come and race for $150. I have to see if I can beat my previous cars 1:14.5 lap time.
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    Removing tailgate lining

    I'm trying to remove the interior tailgate lining so I can get to the eff'n rattle that I've tracked down inside the left hand tail light. There are two screws which I've removed, but obviously some force now has to be used to remove the lining. Anyone ever done this and know how it's done...
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    Bluefin installed

    Received my Bluefin yesterday and installed it last night but didn't get a chance to test it out until this morning. At first I thought it was no different to the original tune, although there's not much opportunity to "give it a bit" in peak hour traffic. It essentially drives as standard until...
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    Six Stacker....How '90's

    I've had my car for over a week now and I'm very impressed. It's really well made, fantastic dynamics and there are so many cool accessories like auto dimming mirror, self lighting vanity mirror, Recaro seats etc. But then there's the stereo...I'm not super fussy about what sound system I have...