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  • I'm trying to figure out I have a rev9 cat back exhaust on my Mark 6 and I want to put a down pipe on it and now my Rev 9 is 2.5 what size down pipe what I need to connect them and what is a good downpipe to mix with the Rev 9 exhaust and also good for when I want to tuner to stage 1 or stage 2 thanks
    I have a 12 mk6 with 133k on it I wanted to know if I put a BOV on it would it be more probable to make problems for my timing chain ??
    Im new to messing with the ecu. What is the best way to get it tuned. I have a CTS turbo intake and rev 9 exhaust no down pipe would it hurt not to have a down pipe or intercooler for the tune
    The OEM downpipe does not flow well enough to allow tunes. You could do it anyway, sure, but I know I wouldn't.
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