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    Even dirty, it looks good.

    Went out wit the wife to take some pictures the other day. We ended up on some back roads around sunset and I took a few of my dirty car. Hope you enjoy.
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    FS: First Act VW Guitar

    Selling a first act guitar. Mint condition. Rarely played. Still in excellent condition. Will include case. Asking $150 plus shipping.
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    Thank you Automax!!

    Courtesy of Automax in Killeen. I didn't realize they were running a special today. With every oil change you get a free quarter panel bashing!!! Dammit!!!
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    2 Shots, 2 Rides = Sexy!!!

    It took more than 2 shots to make these pics but this is the final product. I'm new to HDR. This is one of my first few attempts at it. Hope you all like. Critiques always welcome. The GTi is mine and the Jetta is the wifes. Took these right after washing it. Now there's a thunderstorm on the...
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    Hells Yeah!! New Toys!!

    I got my last 2 packages this afternoon. I lowered my car with neuspeed sports springs and left the stock shocks. So i finally got around to ordering some Shocks to go along with the springs. Also got an intake and some spacers. It will all be getting installed this weekend. :happyanim:
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    So i was looking through the Popular Photography website today. There's an article about Vancouver and good spots to take pictures in the city or the coastline. I clicked on the link because the picture looked interesting. Once the page opened up i got a better view of the image...
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    DC United / VW

    Does anyone watch the MLS? I never really kept up with it but I am a Soccer fan. I watched DC beat LA 4 to 1. The real reason i started this thread is because of DC Uniteds new Jerseys. All black, Adidas, with a big VW Logo on the front of it. Its a nice looking jersey. I plan on getting one for...
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    Proper GTI Storage

    Ok. Here's the deal. I'm deploying in the next few days for 15 months.:mad0259: My car is gonna be stored in my garage. My wife is going to start my car up periodically, once a week, and let it run for a little while. I'm about due for an oil change. I added a quart not too long ago because i...
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    Did some Manscaping....Bonsai!!!!

    Yeah, my bonsai needed a trim. Thought i would post some pics. Just wondering if anyone else is into bonsais. Here are some before and after pics. The first two are before the trim. And the second two are after the trim. I know the pic quality isn't great but you get the idea.
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    New head unit!! Sweet.

    About a week and a half ago i got my AVIC-Z1 installed. I was missing a PAC piece so my volume buttons weren't working. I got that piece in today and it feels good to have that feature working again. Only downfall is that the OEM Sirius Satellite tuner isn't compatible with the Z1. Now i have to...
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    Nav Install

    My wife just ordered me a Pioneer AVIC-Z1 Navigation system. I comes in today. I was wondering if anybody is near the Killeen area and knows of a place that can do installs. I don't really want to take it to Best Buy. Last time i had an HU installed it came out looking like crap and they charged...
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    I guess I'm an a$$hole

    So, here is the break down. About 3 weeks ago i took the step kids to McDonalds. On my way out of Mcdonals someone backed out of their parking space and hit me. That person offered me $200. I went ahead and took the money. No insurance info was exchanged. Turns out the damage was, well, there...
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    Ebay and Rims question

    I found some rims on Ebay for a low price. My question is, Has anyone ever bought rims from ebay? I don't know much about this brand (actually don't know anything about them) Anyways. Just wanted to make sure the bolt pattern is right for the GTI and how the offset will be on our car. I don't...
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    HPS Intake Question

    Found this on ebay. Did a search but didn't find anything. All i found was stuff about brakes. Does anyone know anything about the HPS intake? Its a good price. Just wondering if its any good and how it stacks up to other intakes. If anyone has any info on it please let me know. Thanks in...
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    Am i a Bi*ch?!

    So i found someone that was selling some smoked sidemarkers on ebay for really cheap. $24 I think. Then i looked at the shipping. He's charging $14.99 for standard flat rate shipping. Flat rate shipping doesn't cost that much. It only cost like $8-$9. I sent him a message saying that if he...