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    Black smoke when accelerating + high oil consumption (?) [correction: white smoke]

    The PCV is usually not the issue unless its valves get suck and crankcase vapors increase because of it. Then if this causes smoke in the exhaust, it is because the valve guide or piston ring wear allows oil to blow-by into combustion before blowing out from seals. Generally, high oil loss and...

    Help diagnosing my vehicle.

    Not seeing something obvious in the pics. Is the sound a constant rotational noise? Or a constantly and repeating clunking noise? Is it a more of a clanking metal grind or a deeper toned thud? Can you make a sound vid? Some more description may be helpful as these questions will likely be asked...

    Mk5 GTI FSI Issues *HELP PLEASE*

    P0100 may have been because you unplugged the MAF. But if the code appears when the MAF was connected, then it is possibly a failed MAF. P0106 should've been fixed with just one MAP sensor. But why did you replace it three times? Are you sure it is the correct MAP? What PN is the MAP you've...

    GOLF 5 GTI weird turbo noise and complete loss of power

    I take it you have no code reader? Typically you'll not see a CEL unless a code is related to emissions or safety. OK, some of the possible failures are; DV Turbo boost plumbing connections at the turbo outlet cracked or leaking N75 or its tubing leaks boost system leak in the outlet hose I...

    Probably the lowest 2007 MK5 GTI in the country...maybe not.

    So, he finally got his '78 Speedster listed. I'll add the link just in case one wants to view it:

    Missfire problems

    First, check all of the tubing connected to the intake manifold including from the vacuum pump to the brake booster for splits and leaks. Who has the HPFP upgrade required for a stage 2 tune? Typically, the HPFP upgrade allows you to go with a stage 2+ file. Sometimes the rear crankcase...

    How are your motors holding up to high mileage?

    155k miles on my 2007. At 58k miles I added the K04 and everything that required. At 63k miles the HPFP w/upgrade, cam follower, and intake cam were replaced because I thought a new cam follower was installed at 58k but the tech reinstalled the original CF. Luckily they covered it under the...

    2007 GTI won’t rev over 3k

    There's this new Speed sensor code suggesting its G28 or G40 may be failing. But there's also the other which suggests the DBW throttle position sensor in the throttle pedal assembly. My accelerator pedal assembly failed before but it was so long ago, I cannot remember the code it had. Every...

    Simple solution: P2401 Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Pump Control Circuit

    I married a Woman who was born in Germany..her mother is German. I thought I was being clever when I put in my name, thinking as Roh Echt, I was "somewhat sharp". She said later it meant I was Dull :( Oh well. OK, Later
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    Simple solution: P2401 Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Pump Control Circuit

    No, I wasn't confused. I had the printed layout for the correct period and for E-Box High. What I mean is that when I was going through and checking each fuse in the side dash or C-panel, I was looking at each fuse through #49. I was comparing the Amp of each fuse from what the ledger stated...
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    New Ceramic Cam Follower...who's game enough?

    Looks like if you want'll need to order from the WASA site. It comes out of Sweden and shipping will be pricey.
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    2007 GTI won’t rev over 3k

    Just know that a new CF is not likely to fix its problem. Fuel filter maybe. If not, eventually we will find the problem. Could be the LPFP in the tank...or the "low pressure/Thrust" sensor on the HPFP. But you need the pressure checked. You can look at one of my CF's in my 3:55. This...
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    2007 GTI won’t rev over 3k

    Mine is DSG and I can only rev it to redline in 'P'. In 'N' it is limited. Also, you will not see a true data result with no load. You can do the 'General test' as described for VCDS. The VCDS test can show to be OK, but it doesn't mean there isn't a problem when under load.
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    2007 GTI won’t rev over 3k

    I am talking about where it shows the Black DLC is worn off in the small semi-circle area. Most wear through the Black DLC in the center. This I would consider abnormal wear for 500 miles. The Black DLC doesn't even wear off on mine until in nears 10k miles...and my rail pressure's max target...
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    2007 GTI won’t rev over 3k

    I agree, there's a high point mark on it which suggests the tri-lobe is also shows to not be rotating the CF much. Why I hoped for a close-up of the lobe peak. When mine shows wear...its a small circle in the middle of the CF.