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  • Hi mate,
    hows everything?hows new RNS going?
    As i know you know well alot of people from this forum do you have anyone to reccomend who has vag-com thingy ? There is nothing wrong but i would like to do quick log that i can send it to Superchips as they told me they could make custom more agressive map for my car .BTW i'm in Hills area.
    Thanks in advance,
    Hey I'm going to call the bowling club today and reserve some space for us for lunch. Did those pics of the menu come up ok? If they did could you send em to me please
    I saw your PM just before.
    Sucks that you didn't have more fun! I may be picking one up tomorrow. White 05, manual, sunroof. Looks like its in really really good condition. So hopefully this one turns out better than the last.
    I'll make a copy of my cd and send it to blake or you if you like. I'm going to be busy this weekend so I won't be able to come up and do it. I can send blake both cds, the actual map cd and the firmware update cd depending upon what model he has :)
    No reply back about mine. But looks like I might be in a TR 06 GTI Manual with sunroof next Saturday or Sunday. Woohoo!!!!! Sorted out the warranty side of things as well, VW extended used car warranty is awesome. Covers nearly all engine parts, suspension, gearbox all for $1801. Bit of piece of mind anyways.
    Yeah mini cruise is cool.
    As I said I'm easy as long as its not too far. I reckon we figure it out on the day lol. We know the area reasonably well we wont get lost
    Plans for sunday...
    Meet at the Cafe, copy photos/vid and then go up RNP but turn off to Mckell Ave and go back onto the freeway then home? Thats what I'm going to do if the weather is good. Otherwise if you wanna head somewhere else I'm easy.
    Hey Rob,

    Any pics of the new :R yet?


    Or ya too busy launching it? hehe

    Take it easy man.

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