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  • No problem! The un powdercoated set wasn't mine, I was borrowing them from Ben@P2Spec off his car for a week while mine were being powdercoated. I was just running the bronze ones again for about a month and a half while I was waiting on 2 replacement green wheels and while I love the way they look I couldn't bring myself to like them as much as I used to after having the green VMRs lol. I really like the way they look though.
    Yeah I have one, they were actually a second set I was rocking while mine were being powder coated haha
    Im from Greenfield/Scott Twp area, i am APR stage 2 tuned, color matched side markers and rear relfectors, color matched lower grill, im waiting to put my coils, rims, & new intake on in the spring. Where are you from?
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