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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    I would love to post pictures of my weapons, but, I made the mistake of fish hunting in rough weather. I lost every last one overboard trying to catch a frickin fish... :mad: Stupid idea.
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    Maybe people like to share other interests as they become familiar with each other? Like BM stated, this is off topic lounge and there is nothing offensive about being a firearm enthusiast because it's like any mechanical interest that requires some skill and knowledge, especially if you build them.
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    What Cell Phone Are You Rocking?

    Sony Xperia C4, great phone. That is coming from someone who just sold a Galaxy Note 4 and Note 3. My backup phone is a Moto G second gen. I got tired of the weird Samsung glitches. The Moto G unlocked is pure Google and the Sony has a very minimal overlay. Both have been great phones but the...
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    Fiesta ST vs. MK7 GTI. My test drive review and opinion request!

    I looked at and did an extended test drive with the Focus ST before getting the GTI. The Focus was unruly with gobs of torque steer, you'd have to get the LSD if you wanted to track it or race it. The interior was cramped and cheap aside from the Recaro seats. Those were nice, but would suck to...
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    Thoughts on the 2016 Civic? (10th gen)

    :D It does look like a mini Crossturd. Every Honda I have ever driven or been passenger in, which is quite a few, had interiors that felt inspired by Herman Munsters posture and mannerism. Stiff and awkward. My best friend bought a '10 Honda Accord and I had to move it out of my driveway on...