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  • hey i have a quick question if im running stock suspension for my vw gti mkv 2008 would 18 x 8 et42 fit on the front and 18 x 9 et45 on the back with the stock suspension without any rubbing?

    Thank you,
    just a quick question. i hope u can answer. im thinkin of installin sparco seat just for the driverside, my question is when the airbag light turns on does it disarmed all airbags or is it just telling me that theres a fault coz i took out the seat?
    Hi, I have an 03 Rs6. I need to know what lower end wheels or replicas you have available in an 18*8 or 18*8.5 with a 30mm offset. I need rims that are made and ready to be shipped. That is the oem size I am trying to find. If none available, I would do 35mm or 40 at most. trying for rs6 reps, rs4 reps, something along the oem classy but still sporty look. Please help. Thanks
    hey, i bought some gun metal grey 19 inch audi rs4 wheels from you a while back for my MKV GTI...i busted one. any chance you still have a set or single let. please email me,
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