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    Clutch Bleeding Problem please help

    Ok guys so I put my new clutch in this weekend I went with a stage 2 spec, go ahead and start hating haha. Ok so I started to put everything back together finally after all the headache of getting the trans to line back up. Went to go ahead and start bleeding the clutch. It will build a little...
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    Knock Sensor

    My car now has a check engine light on and when scanned with the vagcom is coming back as a knock sensor and circuit high bank 2. Is this something to be worried about or any recommendation on what to do about this?
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    Is anybody coming to IA meet in Nashville 10/25-26/14

    Is anybody going to be there. I'm going but I think it would be cool to try to park by each other. Not to many mk5's there last year. I know hewstan will be there. LMK if your gonna come lets get the dubs together at least for a big photo! IG:mkv_barron cell:(662)603-5350