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    CEL issue, Purge Valve on my 2009 GTI?

    Well It is time for mandatory Emmissions testing here in the Phoenix area, and since my GTI is now 5 yers old it must be tested and pass before I can get it registered. I have a Check Enging Light that has been on for a long time. The first sign of trouble was the Check Gas Cap warning and...
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    17" or 18" tires next?

    My 2009 GTI has worn out the 225/40R18 Bridgestone RE760 tires. They were pretty good for grip and decent in rain (not that the car sees much rain here in Phoenix area). I have them on a set of Miro 18x8 wheels of the BBS LM style. They are dangerously bald now so time to replace them. BUT...
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    Whine and vibration from my 2009 GTI

    When I drive my 2009 GTI there is a whine ans very slight vibration that starts at 25 MPH and is particularly obnoxious at 45 MPH and faster. It started out slight and has been getting louder. At first it was louder when driving a sweeping curve to the left and a quieter as I swept right. It...
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    Wheel spacers, need the hub-centric?

    I recently installed the Brembo brake kit on the front of my Mk5. Brakes are NICE and went on straightforward, no problems. I had 18x8" Miro LM Replica wheels and they have a modest dish that I like the looks of but these wheels do not clear the new calipers. I had to put my 17" Enkie GTC-01...
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    New leather seats?

    I have a 2009 GTI with the plaid cloth seats and I am wanting some nice leather seats. The car was offered with leather seats when new and these would be okay if I could find a set in like new condition. Or I could buy new aftermarket seats but need to know what will fin in my car properly...
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    Snow W/M Stage 3 - What connections do I need?

    I bought the Snow Performance Stage 3 kit with the BSH throttle pipe last Fall and have not connected the controller up yet. I cannot figure out where the controller connects into the GTI to get the signal to know what amount of W/M to spray into the throttle pipe. I beleive it is supposed...
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    Bronze wheels for my Mk5 GTI

    I want to get some new wheels for my GTI and I'm looking for bronze color. Other requirements are lightweight if possible and looks I desire of course. I have found very few wheels, none of which meet all my criteria, but this is the list; Rederwerks LW-10 Bronze, I like weight, the looks and...
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    Transmission Type? 2009 GTI 6M

    I am about to install a new Southbend Clutch (Stage 2) and Quaife LSD in my car, which is a 2009 GTI with 6 speed manual transmission. I was told to get a set of ARP bolts for the ring gear because the stock method is "rivets" which must be drilled out, and best practice is to use the premium...
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    More RPM, What mods needed?

    I am going to go to a larger turbo in a matter of weeks or perhaps months and am thinking of stronger rods. Whil not absolutely mandatory for the next step, I am thinking of long life on the motor and trying to avoid the kind of expense a bent rod can bring. And while I was entertaining this...
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    How to use VAG COM to run logs?

    I just today hooked up my recently purchased Micro-Can cable to my GTI. I really need a book to tell me what can be done with this extensive diagnostic tool and am asking patrons here where I can get this info. I have no idea how to set up the laptop / VAG-COM to monitor these parameters or...
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    Direzza Z1 in the water, Hang On!

    This past weekend I made a trip into the mountains of Northern Arizona with the GTI. I have the Dunlop Direzza Star Spec Z1 tires on it which are fabulous for traction here where it rarely rains. But this past week end I ran into some heavy rain hearde North on Interstate 17. The car would...
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    Good, lightweight seats?

    Does anyone here have any reccomendations for some good lightweight seats? I would need then adjustable forward and back, and comfortable enough for daily driven GTI. I have looked online and several vendors like Corbeau, but without seeing them and sitting in them I really dont want to order...
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    VAG COM, what is needed to get started?

    I have a laptop PC, do I just order the Ross-Tech VCDS License with MICRO-CAN Interface ($250 from theior web site) and I'm ready to go? I have never seen this in action and just want to know what I need to get started logging info and accessing the convienience features. Thanks in advance.
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    Rear Sway Bar Link Bolt, What size?

    If anyone knows the size of these bolts please post it here. My car is stored right now and I cannot just slip under it to check it out. All I need is the bolt size (not the size wrench to fit it but the blot diameter), might be a 10mm bolt or ?? Thanks in advance.
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    How do I clear the "Service Now" message?

    My car counted down to 6000 miles and then came up with a "service now" message. I have changed the oil long ago and in fact am ready to change it again. So how do I clear thts message from the MFD?