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  • Jen, I'm a somewhat recently-returned autocrosser currently using a 17 GTI Sport in GS. I am about to order a set of Koni Sports and have Pro Parts modify the rears so they would be adjustable from the top. Would you mind telling me what you did to make the adjustment to the rear shocks from the interior?
    For what it's worth, I had a ringer friend, Randy Zimmer, who had never driven the car before, run our last WNY SCCA event in G Street against Dave Potaki, who just finished fourth at the runoffs this year in his new Civic SI. (I couldn't drive- just had wrist surgery.) Randy managed to be within .5 seconds of Dave, so my car is still somewhat competitive. I'm still working to get back in competitive shape, but I'm pretty close to what Randy did. I've posted a top 10 at the runoffs before, so the potential is there for me as well.
    Hi, Question, di you solved the Golf GTI Coolant Temperature rises and drops P00B7 problem? If yes what was it? Thanks
    Hi Jen,

    Mike Bullis. was awesome racing with you guys this year! man some fun events. True you got a Type R? Nice.

    I just picked up a '15 GTI S 2D, PP LP DCC DSG. Cloth seats no sunroof. I haven't seen another like it. getting hand controls installed + alignment next week can't wait to drive the car. what an upgrade from the MKV. will see you in 2019! enjoy your new ride.

    Hey, I wanna get an ultimate racing catback with no res or muffler... I wanna keep a stock downpipe. Pretty sure that's what your running ?... it seems that you have a video from a while back tracking your car with ultimate racing catback but it still had a muffler but no res. Do you have a video with no res a
    AND no muffler, just straight pipe catback?

    Thanks for your help, ken
    Hi Jen. I'm Bob Smith. We haven't me, but I know of you through Jack Burns. I'm setting up a GTI for AutoX, and I have a question.

    Has anyone actually fitted an Enkei RPF01 wheel on a PP car to check. I know Tire Rack says "no-go", but they also say that about OZ Leggera HLTs and I have then on my car right now. I'm from Pittsburgh area, so I hope to meet you in the spring at some events.

    Hello! I to have a question about your tire and wheel selection. For your 17x8 et50 wheel size and 245/40/17 tire selection, are you running stock height? Did you have to do anything (roll/pull) to get those tires to fit?

    I would appreciate any feedback.


    Hi i wanna ask you about your tires and wheels..Are you satisfied with ET 50 Wheels & Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245/40/R17 ? please mail me bcs i will buy like this! these looking awesome and i hope i will take great performance with them..Thanks.

    Mine are basically this:

    Low Beam(H7): PIAA Extreme White Plus(4000k)
    Fog(H8): PIAA Extreme White(4150k)

    AFAIK there are no H15 bulb like those on the market. H15 is used by DRL and High Beam(same bulb).

    I did not change the city bulb, couldn't get the stock one out...
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