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    Oettinger Fmic.......

    Has any of you guys fitted one yet? If so is it any good? What sort of gains are we looking at? TIA
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    VW CLUB OF SA MK5 GTI breakfast Run pics....

    We had our GTI breakfast run about a week ago...havn't had time to post the pics up but managed to make some time now:biggrin: Excuse the size of the pics...they look best this way :headbang:
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    My GTI gets featured in our local Vdub magazine!

    I am really excited about the fact that my car was chosen to be featured in a newly launched Vdub mag in South Africa. The mag will hopefully cover our local VW Club culture which will be great especially if it goes international! Here's my feature....:thumbup:
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    Neuspeed Hi-Flow Intercooler Pipe Coversion 2.0T

    Hi, similar question this mod worth it? What sort of gains could one expect?
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    Neuspeed Hi-Flow Turbo Discharge Conversion Kit

    Hi, has anybody fitted this and is it worth the money if comparing $ for HP? Are there any considerable gains?
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    MK5 GTI Bonnet Bra

    Hi guys, I've searched to no avail...does anybody have pics of a Bonnet bra fitted to their MK5 GTI?
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    Just installed my Pioneer AVH-P6800DVD

    It took a bit of modifying but I reckon the end product looks quite decent...Sound from the stock speakers is also a WHOLE LOT BETTER:biggrin: Before After
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    We've just fitted our GTIs with 19" BBS CHs!!!

    All I can say is Wow!!! I don't regret my choice of wheels at all!!!:biggrin:
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    What wheel would you suggest?

    I was busy scouring through the mag wheel thread and have fallen inlove with these...BBS CKs. I've been getting mixed reactions back home, what are your thoughts? Anybody have some photoshop abilities?
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    Hi guys, first off this site is just awesome! Found these while surfing the net...looks really nice and very close to the R32 tails.