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    FS: Various Parts For Sale

    Hello Everyone. I sold my R32 on Sunday and have some parts that I need to get rid of as I no longer have any need for them. 1. MKV R32 VF Engineering CAI with 2 K&N Filters: $125 shipped - Pending 2. FK Streetline Coilovers: $175 shipped 3. K&N Stock Air box Filter: $20 shipped 4. Koni...
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    MKV R32 Fuel Lines

    First off, this is an old picture of my engine bay. And yes, I know it is dirty as F@$&. Just pointless to clean it in my location. I ran into an issue with vapor lock yesterday and need to heat wrap my fuel lines. I have attached a photo with what I think are the fuel lines. Can anyone tell me...
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    Luk DSG DMF Flywheel

    Just wondering if anyone has had one of the Luk DMF's installed and if they are satisfied with it. I am considering ordering one due to rough idle, rough shifting, and the lovely marble/rock in a can sound. :paddle:
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    Suspension Question

    Got a quick question for you guys. I had some H&R Sport Springs installed about a year ago on my OEM struts/shocks. Recently I bought Koni Str.t Orange replacements for a daily driver R32 as my OEMs are shot. Does anyone know if there has ever been any issues with pairing these 2 together...
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    EVAP Purge Valve

    Just curious if anyone knows where the EVAP Purge Valve is located on the R32. I have searched VW Vortex and on here but cannot find anything related to the location. I keep getting error on the ECU, I clear, and it comes back within a few days. Thanks for any help.
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    Front End Pulsating/Vibration Help

    I hope that I can get some help from my fellow R32 owners. The place where I currently reside does not really have mechanics and are mainly part replacers. I have done a lot of part replacing on my car and a lot of it is by trial and error, which has cost me a lot of money. I have searched in...
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    DSG Noise

    I have checked all the other posts and did not see my issue with a sound coming from the DSG. Since I have owned the car, I have had a noise coming from the transmission after startup. It is a clanking noise and it is actually coming from the gearbox. Over time, it has gotten louder. I took it...
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    FS: VF Eng. CAI for MKV R32

    I have a VF Engineering CAI for MKV R32 for Sale. I am no longer able to use it due to very fine sand in my location and has caused me to go through 3 MAFs. It comes with all the silicone tubing, heat shield, 2 K&N filters, 2 K&N pre-filters. There is an area of the heat shield that was cut in...
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    Power Steering Issue

    I ran into an issue today with my power steering. I got the Red Power Steering light failure. The power steering is totally gone. I was just wondering if anyone had the same issue and had it repaired. If so, how much did it run so I can guess how much I will be taken for out here. Or give me...
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    My .:R Pics and Build So Far

    I just had FK Streetlines put on my .:R :thumbsup: Ride good so far. What I like is that they are not bouncy. Sorry for the pics as I only had my Blackberry at the time. Let me know what you guys think. I hope you all like the pics. I know that the engine bay is dirty. Take a look at where I am...
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    Magnaflow 16502 Catback MKV R32

    Hello. I am selling my Magnaflow 16502 Catback for the MKV R32. It does not suit my taste in sound and there are strict noise pollution laws in cities within the country. I only had it on the car for about an hour with a total of 30 minutes driving time. I am currently in the UAE (Middle East)...
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    Keyless Remote

    Hello everyone. I have a 2006 R32 Eurospec and looking for a keyless remote or 2. Before I go in and buy one, I want to know if anyone knows if the R32 remotes are the same for all MKV's. If so, can someone give me a part number or a link to where I can get one? Thanks for the assistance.
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    Euro Audio Wiring Harness

    I have a 2006 R32 Eurospec. I bought an aftermarket stereo and bought the C2R-VW2 wiring harness. After getting the stereo harness wired to the VW mate, it turns out that the C2R harness is pinned different than the harness attached to the car. :mad0259: Does anyone know of a Euro harness that...
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    Reverse Lights

    I currently have an issue with my left reverse light and fixture as it does not work. I have taken the right fixture and light, which works, and plugged it in on the left with the issue still being the same. I took a multimeter to the car and found the the right side is at a steady .249VDC and...