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    FS: 2008 MKV R32

    Selling my 2008 Volkswagen R32. 120,000 miles (a little less at time of posting) Mods: Airlift 3P air ride suspension with performance bags. APR Catback exhaust APR stage 1 tune Neuspeed P-Flow air filter 18” Rotiform WGR wheels Runs good, no CEL. Recently replaced spark plugs and coil...
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    FS:2008 Volkswagen R32

    Selling my 2008 R32! Number 2799 of 5000 $10,000 106,4XX Miles DSG Automatic Transmission NO Accidents! The car is in good running condition All maintenance done on time. Records can be obtained if needed. Lots of aftermarket goodies: The car comes with Air Lift Suspension. Air lift...
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    So I bought another German car...

    ...and that car is an M3! What the hell was I thinking? I wasn't and I don't care! So over the weekend I pulled the trigger on the one car that I've always had my eye on and realistically could one day own. And that time is NOW! Well, March to be exact. They still have to build it, put it on a...
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    Feeler: SHS HPA Coilovers FS

    FS: SHS HPA Coilovers The R is now bagged! Therefore I will no longer need my coilovers! They are HPA SHS Coilovers. Again, they are coming off an MKV R32. They've got roughly around 50k miles on them. I got them back in 2013. They were my first and only coilovers after stock on this car so...
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    Air suspension install shops?

    Hey! Haven't been here in a while. So I'm getting everything together to get my .:R on bags. Really looking for a shop locally here in Los Angeles. If anyone knows of one and would like to shoot me some information I would really appreciate it.
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    Swapping out my Premium 7

    Sigh...So I didn't want to make a thread about this. I searched and found a bunch of similar threads but everybody had different answers. So, I bought an RCD-510 from a forum member. It came with some goodies like a bluetooth kit and wires. What I can't figure out is what exactly I need to...
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    Looking at Air for the .:R

    Over the past few months I've been considering bagging my car. This is the topic of conversation that I have little to no knowledge on and wasn't until just a few weeks ago that I actually knew where to start as far as setups go. Let's start with my current suspension setup. HPA SHS (Non...
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    BIG Feeler

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    wuste 2013 (For your viewing pleasure)

    Wuste 2013 @ The Las Vegas Motor Speedway (May 31 - June 02) I posted these in my original thread under Regional Forums but posting it here will give more people a chance to check out the cars at Wuste. I was only there on Saturday June 2nd. Spent 5+ hours just walking around looking at...
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    Feeler/FS: Stock MKV R32 Suspension

    They've been sitting in the garage since my Coilover install a couple months ago. Around 56K on them. Going to Vegas in a couple of weeks and it wouldn't hurt to have a little extra money. I'd have to take them down to grab some pictures but I'm just wondering if anyone is interested? Make me...
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    My Gallery [R32 Content]

    Went out today here in the city of L.A trying to snap some pictures of my car. First set of pictures were taken at the Dodger Stadium parking lot, the second set were taken at the Rose Hills Buddhist Columbarium. I have no idea what I'm doing but here's my very amateur attempt at capturing some...
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    FS:OEM R32 Wheels

    SOLD:OEM R32 Wheels SOLD OEM MKV R32 Wheels for sale "Omanyt" 18" 225/40/18 Great condition, some curb damage on two, shown in pictures. 3 Achilles Sport tires with plenty of thread, also shown in pictures 1 tire is a mis-match, original Achilles was replaced. Not a lot of thread left on...
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    FS: Stock R32 Exhaust

    SOLD: Stock R32 Exhaust 2008 R32 Stock Exhaust for sale. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Local sales preferred. Shipped at buyers expense. Located in Southern California between Santa Monica and Orange County. Nothing wrong with it, just went with an APR catback. 58K on it. Edit: Pictures HERE 150...
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    Wuste 2013

    I recently found out about Wuste and am quite interested in going. I've never been to one of these festivals so I was curious if anyone's ever been before or planning on going this year. I'm pretty excited about this and have already planned some vacation time off work for this. Would love to...
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    R32D2's R32 (Picture overload)

    Hello and thanks for stopping by! This isn't really an official "build thread" since not too many things were done to the car, it's still a work in progress but it doesn't compare to the massive work a lot of you have put into your MKV/VI's. I bought my R32 around August of 2011, I've always...