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    FSI HPFP Roller Conversion / Follower Failure

    So that's all you need to do to the chain cover. Drill it out to 33mm! If I knew that in advance...... The only thing I didn't like about the roller conversion was the extra noise over a follower. The EA113 is noisy enough without aftermarket parts adding to them. I also didn't like having to...
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    DSG fluid change yes or no?

    That's like asking if it's a bad idea to give up smoking after doing it for 30 years. Yes, change it asap, it's waaaaaaay over schedule. I'm surprised the mechatronics haven't packed up.
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    2007 GTI won’t rev over 3k *Fixed*

    The missing tooth is the 'synchronisation gap' sir. The ECU uses that gap as a zero point (or 0 degrees) and then counts the teeth from there to figure out crank angle, if that makes sense? It looks like some struck that part of the tone wheel? But that is hidden under a windage tray...
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    Confused about Timing Belt Service

    Yeah that's one way around the problem. It adds quite a bit of time in labour and expensive cam girdle sealant though! The trick is to use a genuine VW polydrive bit, a long breaker bar and an assistant to push hard on the breaker bar whilst you crack it free. For such a tiny bolt, it has a...
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    New Ceramic Cam Follower...who's game enough?

    Well that is one negative of such a hard material, it's not as ductile as steel. The HPFP piston dances around something chronic at higher rpm. I can see those resonances shattering ceramics quite easily. I agree with a previous poster, if it's not broken, don't fix it. Certainly with a...
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    Timing Belt Question

    Replace everything that lives behind the cambelt covers - 1 x belt, 1 x tensioner pulley, 2 x idler pullies, 2 x bolts, 1 x nut, 1 x water pump. VW sell the belt parts as a kit, and the pump is separate. Visual inspection of a belt is no indication of condition. Rubber deteriorates with age...
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    Confused about Timing Belt Service

    You have my sympathy because it's an easy job and the parts are cheap. 4 hours book time. $1500 is extortion. If you're in for that kind of money because you can't do the job yourself, I would be tempted to give the business to the other guy and get the chain and tensioner done as well.
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    Requests VS Actual Boost logs

    Yeah rpm would be useful, as would throttle position, so that we can see how quickly the turbo responds to the target. Boost targets will change depending on conditions. The ECU will only deliver the full beans if it's 100% happy with all the sensor feedback, which includes the stock map as...
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    Confused about Timing Belt Service

    Was that a typo? $1500 for a cambelt and water pump refresh o_O I don't know about the rest of the world but in the UK, dealers charge £549 ($700) for that job, which includes stretch bolts, G13 coolant, 2 year warranty and wash/vac. Yes the other guy you spoke to is correct about the...
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    2007 GTI won’t rev over 3k *Fixed*

    The engine will still start and run just fine with a dead crank sensor, because it substitutes G28 with G40 (cam sensor) to 'guesstimate' crank position. That can only work up to a certain speed though as the cam sensor has a very low resolution tone wheel, hence the forced 3000rpm limit...
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    whats your MAF input.

    Edition 30 (K04) Revo Stage 1 - B7, T5, F8 on 99 octane pump gas (US equiv' = 94) 245g/s @ 6300rpm in 4th gear @ sea level. 0.3% LTFT over 6 months. Stock Intake with OEM paper filter Stock exhaust
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    Subframe locking collars - TyrolSport vs ECS

    You're not wrong. I fitted the TyrolSport kit on axle stands and at one point I wondered if the subframe would ever go back up again. I guess that's why VW fitted skinny bolts into big holes. Considerably easier and faster assembly. Same deal with some Hondas actually, most notably the...
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    Widest tire fitment (With coilovers)?

    I thought with the MK4 onwards, the spring perch is above the tyre, so you would need to go seriously inboard with the offset to get fouling problems? You'll never get 245s to work with an 18. Even with the stock ET51 18" wheels with 225s, I get the occasional arch kiss if I corner really...
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    Your experience with subframe collars?

    Before the Tyrol collars my camber was more negative on one side (quite common according to my shop who align loads of GTIs) and after the collars, it improved things but still not equal. The main benefit of the collars for me was consistent handling. The movement of the subframe prior was...
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    '07 K04 GTI Misfires

    Other than the LPFP dropping to around 3.5 bar at 5500rpm and 99% throttle, everything else looks normal at a quick glance. Pressure only tells half the story as fuel volume isn't recorded, but clearly the LPFP is struggling at that load/rpm. What spark plugs are you running? With the cold...