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    Don't Stop On Railroad Tracks

    Don't Stop On Railroad Tracks
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    Le Mans 2019

    Yay! Thank you ashchuckton -- your link confirms that MototrendTV will telecast the entire race, with coverage beginning at 8 AM Saturday (06/15/19) and ending at 9:30 AM Sunday (06/16/2019) Eastern Time (USA). Actual race runs from 9 AM to 9 AM Eastern. We usually DVR the race, concentrating...
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    Crazy Crash video (NSFW language)

    We love our Golf, but I can't help notice how low and small it is compared to today's barn-sized SUVs and Pickups. Our eye level is below door handle height and near bumper height on some other vehicles. Given that a**hole's rate of speed, few vehicles could have survived. They ought to hang...
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    Le Mans 2019

    MotortrendTV bangs the drum on its $15/Mo. streaming service a thousand times a day with ads on its TV channel. Perhaps they're purposely keeping the general Le Mans TV telecast availability under wraps in hope that viewers instead pay for streaming.
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    Le Mans 2019

    The 24 Hours of Le Mans race will be held June 15th and 16th 2019. I think that Motortrend TV will telecast it live on cable in the U.S., but if so, their website is keeping it a tightly guarded secret. Does anyone know if we'll be able to watch it live on cable TV? :confused: Thanks.
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    No base Golf?

    If true, that's sad news. My wife and I bought a Golf because we couldn't afford a GTI. JC_451's post sums it all up very well -- the Golf is a nice car and that we live on an SUV-centric Continent where vehicle buyers want to drive what everyone else drives. If there was no Golf, we'd have...
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    More Car Owners Delinquent than Before

    I'd reword the story's closing sentence of "The substantial and growing number of distressed borrowers suggests that not all Americans have benefitted from the strong labor market and warrants continued monitoring and analysis of this sector." to instead read: "The substantial and growing...
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    General Motors Closes Car Plants

    Now if they'd just find a new ad agency …..
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    How many of you are worried about your Mk7 reliability?

    That's so well said; I hear it all the time too. Our '17 Golf is our second VW and we love it as much we did our Jetta TDI.
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    Don't you love these chevy commercials

    These are made even worse because GM runs them 10,000 times a day, simply feeding millions of ad dollars into an incinerator. The new GM looks like the old GM.
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    Future Value of Money

    And it seems that the government's price inflation calculations often omit selected categories like food and fuels, as if these categories are of minor consequence. As I plan my retirement, I apply a long term annual inflation rate in excess of what I see applied in popular calculations. I...