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    Polar FIS+ Advanced Box

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    FS: Apexi Custom Intake for TSI

    Apexi Custom Intake Included: Apexi filter with 3" flange utilizing upgraded stainless steel allen bolts Custom L mounting bracket 5" long silicone hose Rubber isolator and nut 2 stainless steel hose clamps Nothing else needed to install on car. *CBFA kit not included* $120 shipped USA only...
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    FS: Neuspeed Pflo for TSI *never installed*

    SOLD, SHIPS MONDAY Have a never installed neuspeed pflo (with airpump model) for CBFA cars. Missing 2 parts which i used for my other project: CBFA mini filter billet adapter for above Every other piece is there never installed or used, including CARB legal sticker. You just buy a mini...
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    Sony Vaio 13.3" VPC-SA25GX-BI

    This is a high high end laptop, and 1 step under the "Z" flagship series, and I don't think anyone local here would have any interest. But just in case... Sony Vaio VPC-SA25GX-BI 1 month old. More laptop than I need. Very fast, but I want something even lighter, like an ultrabook. Intel...
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    FS: Cobra iRadar radar detector

    Since my ebay ad has a bid now, i can no longer sell this here.
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    FS: aFe drop-in filter for TSI engines

    aFe drop-in filter I am now finished my experience building testing for this filter. Ready to pass it on for a nice discount. A nice compromise for someone who really can't stand noise, but wants a slightly noticable improvement without oiling requirements. This filter is better than the K&N...
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    FS: AWE S3 hose kit

    *SOLD, PAID* FS: AWE S3 hose kit This is 2 days used. I am going with oem S3 hoses instead. Uninstalling this kit this afternoon. No damage to any hoses and I will insure that after removal. Comes with: 2 hoses Metal coupler and o-ring Instruction sheet 4 T bolt clamps Lollipop unsucked...
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    FS: Gorilla trunk mat and cargo blocks sealed new. *SF bay local only*

    FS: Gorilla trunk mat and cargo blocks sealed new. *SF bay local only* I ordered this before i knew i already had one in my new 2011 GTI. I am posting in this forum instead because technically it says the mat is for MK5 GTI. Paid $120 to my door. Sell for $50 picked up.
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    CARGO ORGANIZER BLOCKS *pickup sf bay*

    CARGO ORGANIZER BLOCKS $15 picked up local, not shipping at this time. Can someone that has these confirm if these will stick to the stock floor, or if you also have to have that gorilla trunk mat?
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    2010 Volkswagen GTI 4DR

    on hold 3-4 more months