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    Why do MKV owners leave for BMW?

    I was wondering about why MKV owners seem to almost always leave the VW world and buy a BMW 3 or 1 series. Why not buy an Audi and stay with the Volkswagen family? If this topic has been raised before I really don't give a shit. I didn't use the search button.
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    Anyone else think that wheel gap isn't a bad thing? Personally I feel that a 2x4 in the road shouldn't equal a new bumper. For the past year I've seen people bitch and moan about how their car that is <1" off the ground needs moar low. Are aesthetics really worth the complete loss of...
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    What is the greatest video game ever?

    My vote would be for NBA Hang Time on N64.
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    VOTE FOR MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!

    JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!
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    Best shows

    Last night I went to a Riverboat Gamblers and Fake problems concert and I have to say it was the best show I have ever been to. It was at the Bottom Lounge and while the first two bands(Bully in the Hallway and The Methadones) didn't draw too much of a crowd around the stage because for some...
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    Hilarious song

    A friend of mine sent me this link and I can't stop laughing. Hilarious/creepy song based on a great movie. Greenskeepers - Lotion zgrRrAyY18U
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    Is the NYP cartoon racist?

    Do you think the New York Post cartoon that was recently printed, and is pictured below, is racist? I'll start us off. No.
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    Which of the Big Three do you prefer?

    I am just curious of who here prefers which company of the big three. It can be for any reason. Do you have such fond memories in the back seat of your old Dodge Dart that you prefer Chrysler over GM and Ford? Maybe you were a loser who just enjoyed humping the seats of a Chevy Citation and...