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    *ATTENTION* Cystic Fibrosis Charity Car Show

    This year I didn't get the chance to participate in any of the HIN shows or went to many meets thus far but I'm hoping to make this show one of the biggest meets this season. This is an opportunity to meet and greet different car enthusiasts from your exotics, domestics, classics, and if I get...
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    GTI in Glendora / Magnolia NJ

    Anyone on here own a Black Magic Pearl GTI with 17's across from the Sunoco / Pizza Place on Evesham Road? :burnrubber:
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    Quaife LSD

    Don't know if this was posted on here anywhere, but anyone with a 02Q 6-Spd manual transmisson should buy this!!! :burnrubber:
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    Christmastime Cruise

    Christmastime Cruise up Route 9 through NY I was wondering if anyone in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area would want to do a cruise during christmas week, like on the 26th or something that week? I was thinking about driving all the way up route 9 for about 200 miles on the western side and then back down...
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    VW / AUDI update from Automobile Aug 2k6

    Small bugatti using our 2.0T FSI engine with 280HP and 320HP versions with a seven speed DSG auto. I'll take a 320HP Seven speed DSG in my GTI! Also, the passat and the next gen GOLF VI platform 3.6 VR6 with 280HP NA and 400HP turbo charged version. Imagine a 400HP factory R36 with AWD and a...
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    What are your monthly payments?

    I used to work at a dealer, and they are going to give me a GTI for invoice. A lease with $3500 out of pocket, 10k miles per year and 36 mo. was like $285? Does that sound about right to you guys? I thought that sounded kinda high for a GTI with a DSG and Pkg 1. I mean I saw him do the lease...
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    NY Auto Show

    Got me a GTI DVD boys and girls! It's funny as hell, now I can show other people easier than having to d/l it. You know what ticks me off though. They had a Passat 2.0T with the new body kit on it (ie. R-GT Inspired). It looked gorgeous. Unfortunately it was unpainted flat plastic, and the...
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    R32 for US

    According to Automobile May 2006, the U.S. is getting the 3.2L VR6 engine and not the 3.6L VR6. Supposedly due to problems fitting the 3.6 in the engine bay, and I would assume as previously stated in Car and Driver May 2006 the DSG that would fit, can not handle the 3.6L VR6. Ahh well, guess...
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    GTI with Flik Wasp Wheels

    What do you think of my ps GTi? It has 18" Flik Anthracite Rims, Tinted HL's, TL's and Mirror Signals. I tried tinting the rear windows, but it came out crappy so I left it. Let me know what you think! :burnrubber:
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    Pic of Golf VI!?

    Pics I found Here is a picture I found of the MkVI :burnrubber:
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    Colors Available...

    I wish we had all the colors that europe has! I love the Laser Blue Pearl. I hope we get more eventaully! :burnrubber: