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  • Hey phil, I have a 2006 gti. I'm interested in the dv kit, but I have an apr carbino intake. My question is, would the bsh kit work in by car? Would I need extra parts?
    hey phill i need ur help..
    i just got my catch can from you guys. and it came with no instructions so i need ur help.. i found this
    but it didnt help all that much...
    so im stuck now at this point i mounted the bsh plate to where the stock pcv used to be. and when i try to screw in the two smaller fitting they do not go in all the way cuz the plastic behind the plate is stopping it.. so should i just put it in as much as i can and thats is???
    next do you have a pic of which hoses goes to which hole in the can itself?
    and finally those small copper color fitting.. i have no clue what to do with those..
    please help me out. please
    Hey Phil, it's Jed with the '08 GLI (DSG) that flashed a little over a year ago. I left you an email through BSH about my problem and I appreciate the help. Do you guys happen to offer a K04 kit? When my lease is over (2011), I would like to gain some minor increase without getting crazy then I would have to build the motor.
    It will only fit the 08.5 TSI cars. We havent gotten around to finishing the 09+ ones yet.
    Hi Phil,

    I forgot to add, that I'm in CA if that is any good from a local law perspective. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Hey Phil,

    I just ordered some springs yesterday afternoon and was woundering if they had shipped out yet. And if you had a tracking number for me!

    Matt Richcreek
    order #2221

    I just sent an e-mail to your offices.
    I am looking for a reply at your earliest convenience.

    Dub_52 aka William
    hi phil , just saw the thread about the new catch can version,

    i bought the 1st catch can when it came out and was wondering how do i go about changing it to the new catch can that you have out right now?

    my email is

    hey phil, i bought the dogbone mount during the price war. i didnt see a 10% coupon for next purchase in the box though. werent we supposed to get one?
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