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    Melbourne monthly meet - Garage Cafe Carlton 15/02/2011

    The "other" site is not responsive at the moment. Great turnout, we had 10 Golfs (1 x MKVI R) a Touareg and a dodgy Honda Accord rock up. Also some Jap love with a nice 350Z rocking up as well. Really good to catch up with everyone as well. Thanks to Aun for lending me some nice glass to...
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    [VIC] Mini GTG 27 March 2010

    Short notice on these forums, but would like to get a small GTG happening this Saturday. Current plans are to meet at Stokers Coffee Lounge, 1033 Heidelberg Rd Ivanhoe, at 10pm. Good pancakes, then find a suitable location for some pics. Post here if you are interested and I will organise...
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    LED Tails

    First it was a stubby antenna.... Now it's LED tails for my UG R32. Thanks Chris for the brief chat and idea about added safety of more visible indicator lights (yes I use them!). Got approval from the Minister for Finance and have just placed the order.
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    OT: Digital cameras

    For all you photographers out there, I was just considering a Canon 500D (Based upon gizmodo review of various cameras for varying skill level) as it is the next one up from a beginner DSLR and within the price range. Any thoughts on other DSLR's and lenses that I need to get with it? It's...
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    So I play a lot of video games and was considering these... $2,185 for cloth $3,000 for leather as I just called them to find out the approximate price:happyanim:
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    Insurance 2010

    Serached the forums for a post on this and couldn't find anything recent so I am starting this thread. Just got a quote for RACV - R32 5 door, agreed value $78,030, excess $1,000, annual premium about $1,400. 30 yrs Rating 1. Discount for Bronze and no multi policy discount. Post up if you...
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    OT: Audio

    Thought I should start this thread as it was sort of hijacking Terrence's thread on his wheel project. I've given up on wheels at this stage, reckon that I would rather do suspension first, but given that the stockies are doing alright at the moment there's no need to go down that path. I've...
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    Terrence Here ya go mate, found a new mod for you to consider. I can swear by rubber mats as it prevented a spill in my own car going into the carpet. Not sure if I would "upgrade" from VW ones, but they are cheap (comparatively to...
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    18" Detroits pricing

    Just called up Barloworld Glen Waverley for pricing on the 18" Detroit wheels that are a $1,200 option on the new Golf MkVI GTi. Guess how much? $802 each (not sure if this was the GST Incl price)
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    Wash, wax and photo

    I've got the full compliment of my car wash stuff now from and will be detailing my car this weekend. Just wondering if a few of you boys would be interested in a meet up and a photoshoot to record the finished product this weekend. Hoping maybe Doncaster shoppo carpark late...
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    30th birthday gift?

    Someone is getting old (though he can still date someone 22yrs old - divide age by 2 plus 7 years) and fresh out of ideas as to what to get for a present..... Ideas??? :happyanim:
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    Here's a list (in no particular order) of the places as used by other forum members as to where to purchase cleaning product from online: Haven't found a thread specifically for car care and even...
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    Polo purchasing issues!

    We got the following deal over the weekend: Polo GTi Reflex Silver Car mats MY07 build,, MY09 compliant among other things....$25,500 (incl GST) driveaway subject to corporate discount. So, we provided the standard template letter confirming our eligibility for the corporate discount as...