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    Smoke at idle

    I'm not sure what version rear PCV I have. Unless it was a recall or service interval replacement, I'm guessing it's original. I've never replaced it myself. Maybe I'll pull it off and look at updating it. Regardless - 4-5 month update - No smoking issues what so ever, since pulling the Forge...
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    FS/feeler: rear Cayenne 4 pistons BBK for R32/GTI/A3/TT, bracket kit.

    Reviving this thread... sorry If anyone managed to find their original spec sheet, can you ping me? Never found mine. My rings are still holding up well, but would like to be ready with a spare set down the road. I missed a PM from TooOldForThis, back in Feb 2020, saying to text him for the...
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    Smoke at idle

    I haven't had compression testing since piston ring issue few years back, no. Good to know about loss of vacuum. I remember back in 2011 ish, when I put this CC on everyone seemed in favor of getting rid of the OEM PCV since they were prone to breaking. Dug out the old (new "P") OEM PCV and...
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    Smoke at idle

    Thanks for this thread.. and following up! Currently experiencing this exact issue on my 2007 w. 204000km. Was going to throw my OEM PCV back on - take of the catch can - but doesn't sound like it'll make a difference. Got excited to see a solution here, that worked (and for both you), then I...
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    Podi Boost Gauge - Sweeping while driving

    I have the Podi Electronic Boost Gauge -> Yesterday it started doing a full sweep -30 to +30, returning to current boost pressure, and then repeating every couple minutes. Anyone experience this before?... not sure if I have a wiring issue (bad ground maybe?), bad boost sensor, or the gauge...
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    APR K04 FSI vs TSI (muffler adapter size)

    So many months ago, I bought this kit so that I could finally say goodbye to the leaking adapter on the OEM pipe. Thing is, I bought a TSI APR K04 of some MK6 dude... I own a FSI. So it turns out the muffler end of the rubber pipe in the kit will not fit over the muffler adapter on the K04...
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    Malaysian airliner goes down over Ukraine

    TINFOIL HATS! GET YOUR TINFOIL HATS HERE! Ditto on RAZR's comment though - look how people react to Black Friday sales... "you can't handle the truth"
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    Apr ecu tune for mk7 out!

    I'm interested in seeing those numbers too! All in all, good the 7 is better... who wants to buy a new car that is basically the same as it's cheaper 1-7 year old-er brother. I'd still wait until 1-2 yrs into a 7 tho if I was to buy; fixes and revisions galore will occur I'm sure. As is the...
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    Apr ecu tune for mk7 out!

    At least MK6 got it's V3.1 K04 "pity" tune to fix issues... that never happened for the MK5'ers
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    Rebecca Black has nothing on this!

    ha! is the Panda Bear the Chinese Pedobear? i would feel failure in life if I credited myself as being the one who wrote the vocals for this or any RBlack song. also I feel like that video should have ended with her on the toilet... since that's how the rest of most peoples day goes, after...
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    Watch Dogs

    I got so annoyed chasing the purple car, that I threw IED's on one side of a semi truck and parked it right in front of the dealership escape window. Queued the scene and blew the crap out of that car in mid-air. I've done similar a few times now to avoid having to drive some missions.
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    Watch Dogs

    Am I the only one that thinks that the driving mechanics in Watch Dogs is horrible compared to GTA. My controller sensitivity is default 50%, and trying to maneuver is about as fluid driving drunk.
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    Door puddle lights help!

    Alright, so I bought an LED kit to give me usable lights for those red reflectors we all have at the bottom of our door cards. The only DIY's I could find mentioned plugging the +/- into PIN 18/19 of the 32 PIN door controller harness.
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    What the Duetsche?!

    Broke a parking brake cable and was looking to buy new ones.. Everyone always bitches about ECS shipping, but Duetsche AutoParts shipping prices to Canada is a major LOL 2x$25 cables = $70 shipping, to my Vancouver igloo Put these cables in an $8 envelope man and strap it to a donkeys ass...
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    Watch Dogs

    It's just the games you picked :P I watch someone play 30 mins of Watch Dogs.. and I found myself skipping through the video. lol. I feel like what you do in that game is going to get VERY repetitive and boring fast... which is exactly why they delayed it 6 months. But I still don't think...