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    Best after market GPS Unit

    What is the best after makert unit out there now in terms of reliability/issues and functions? Semting, Audio Sources or WD ? and others?
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    Racing Seats into GTI ?

    I have been to the track a few times with my modded GTI mkv and i find that the oem seats are not very good at keeping me in the seats. Is there a way to put in racing chair for a track day and take it out once finished?
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    Coil Packs & Cam follower..

    Im going in for a 60k service for a dsg gti and going to change spark plugs. Questions is should the coil packs and cam follower be changed as well? When is it necessary to change them anyway? The original cam follower was changed at 20,000kms with the APR fuel pump upgrade.. Ben
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    Brake Fluid DOT 5.1 ?

    I have a mkv gti and thinking of putting in dot 5.1 synthetic brake fluid with the braided lines and hawk pads i already have. Will this 5.1 fluid work with our cars and the master cylinders? Ben
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    DYNO run in SYD..

    Where can i take my APR 2+ GTI for a before and after dyno run in Sydney ? Im about to get a GIAC DSG flash at cityperformance center and want to see if it actually increases the torque limiter and prove to APR that theres is a limiter in the dsg.
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    APR stage 2+ GTI and dash warning symbols..

    Hey guys just need some feedback. I have an APR stage 2+ GTI dsg and i've been getting alot of the static yellow engine symbol on my dash. In fact i have it on now. Usually after a a few days its disappears but recently it seems like the light comes on more frequently and stays on for up to a...
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    Rattels and Warranty..

    So i have two annoting rattles, one in driver side door/seatbelt compartment or rear drivers side. Also another one in the driving coloum area. So i call barloworld and ask that it be addressed under warranty. They tell me that it can go two ways: 1)Faulty rattling part and labor covered under...
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    Wakefield and Chip Tuner Sales ?

    Firstly i got 6 tickets to Wakefield, speed off the streets event for $69 each. So how is the circuit for the Gti's ? Any tips and opinions? Im preparing by getting installed KW1's coilovers, Hawk HPS brake pads and braided lines with uprated fluid and Goodyear F1 assem's and hopefully a DSG...
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    Hi guys i need help and access to VACOM. I have an APR stage2+ GTI mkv and my Menu button on the right of the steering wheel (switihng between audio/trip info) does not work. Instead of going to the dealer and risk the chance of voiding my warranty for good or other future major warranty work, I...
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    Alpine PDX-5..

    Guys will it will a straight forward plug & play swap for the Alpine PDX-5 to fit under the seat where the factory amp sits ? Im going to use the VW blaupunkt PnP harness to fit it to the existing factory cabling/plug under the seat... Does all this seem fine ?
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    Improving Premium Audio 7..

    I have the Premium Audio 7 in my 07 GTI. I know the factory amp has 4 channels in and 10 channels out. What is the RMS for the 10 output channels ? How do you rate the processor of the factory amp ? Im thinking of just changing the oem headunit to the AS-7608 headunit and leaving the factory...
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    WD6050 vs AS-7608 ?

    Guys just a few quick questions. What are the differences in spec? What has the lesser problems? Which has the better support? What is the difference in price? What is the better unit to get?
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    Replacing Facotry speakers/amp ?

    VW OEM Premium Sound, Best work around soultion ? Hi Audiophiles/Experts hope you can help me find the best solution for my car audio dilemma. I have the factory Premium Sound option which includes the Headunit with 6 cd stacker and factory amp. From reading this forum i gather it will be...
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    Good Mechanic in SYD ?

    Guys i need a good mechanic in Sydney. I've been fuked around by a prestige mechanic in Sydney who charges $95/hr but his been fuking me around with BS excessive times for small jobs. I got burnt and never taking my car there again. Anyone know a good honest mechanic close to city/eastern...
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    Removing Neuspeed Torque Arm Insert?

    Whats the best way to remove? I had to explain to the stupid mechanic what it is lol. But im just worried once removed there will be free-play caused by the space left/stretched out by the insert. Thanks