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    Help with 2007 GTI Idle Issues

    1. Air leaks 2. Defective or dirty air sensor. MAF 3. Low fuel pressure in the system 4. Oxygen sensor
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    Subframe locking collars - TyrolSport vs ECS

    Just install the subframe correctly. Use new bolts. Tighten as it is written in the ELSA.
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    code p2294

    Dude writes correctly above. The sensor sometimes cracks. The error does not occur constantly. Most often, any error that occurs not constantly is an error with electrical contacts.
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    Golf GTI Engine Noise

    Check is simple. You need to take it off, blow it into it. It should not let air in both directions.
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    Golf GTI Engine Noise

    Maybe it's a fuel tank ventilation valve (EVAP) Vag 06E906517A and Bosch 028014243.
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    Boost, EGT, Oil pressure an GTI V

    Hi guys! Thank forum. I found here how to install additional sensors. And here they are on my GTI. Special thanks to Deezz_Nuttz & cmdrfire for detailed reports on the installation. Boost installation like this Oil...