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    So a cop flipped me off today

    Wow fail just move over...idk whts so hard about that lol smh
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    Stanced e39 in Ukraine. Boss Status.

    HAHA thats soo funny! pavels my friend! he used to live here in Northern Cali! he had the CLEANEST 5 series by far! he used to come out to the khols and quicklies meet.
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    The Picture Game

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    The Picture Game

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    Gen 7 Golf Info

    wow looks like a MAZDA 3! eff that, it looks like poo mk6 ftw! we have the sexiest golf models.
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    Did I tell you guys I testdrove a Mustang GT

    today i test drove a Prius.....It was a different experience.... I will leave it at that.
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    Someone need their ass kick for this

    Wow the STI looks like crap....
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    I'm so ...

    Im so heading to the quickly meet when i get off work
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    I'm so ...

    Im so with you their ^
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    Off-Topic Chat

    yea well i NEEED wheels, im rolling around in 17" denvers -__- (not that their ugly) im just tired of them.
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    3 Words ONLY

    waist, that he
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    I'm so ...

    im so ready to tune my car
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    3 Words ONLY

    On her height
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    Your Username

    omes is my nickname, so im omes 4 life lol :thumbsup:
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    Funny note left on my car

    what does it mean that "were in a vw Right?" whats wrong with VW? lol volkswagen owns Audi and porsche :thumbsup: hahaha the guy who wrote the note needs to realize this. he obviously has tooo much time on his hands to write this and post it on your car lol :iono: