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    Garage Flooring?

    Good point. Ill get some nice mats around where I put my workbench at. On the plus side, when I do break the floor, ill rip it all out!
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    Garage Flooring?

    Here's another pic of the area in front of the car (from the listing video). It's a lot of black and white.... Yeah, when i did the home inspection i saw the grout up close. The home inspector confirmed.
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    Garage Flooring?

    Moving into my new home in South OC and the garage has this floor (ceramic tiles), F-car not included. I'm not too sure about it. Should I cover it with epoxy or tear it out? or is this ok as is?
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    What cars have you had?

    In order. (* Signifies bought new) 1986 Corolla GTS 5MT *1990 240SX 5MT 1974 VW Karmann Ghia MT *1998 BMW 323is 5MT *2000 Integra GSR 5MT *2004 BMW 325is 5MT *2008 Toyota Sequoia *2009 Tacoma Prerunner 2015 GTI PP *2017 Subaru Outback 3.6
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    Car thief can't drive stick

    I was involved in an attempted stoplight car jacking in the 1990's at gunpoint. I let him have my 1992 prelude. As I walked away, the light turned GREEN. car did not move. Other cars behind at the light started honking. Thief took off. couldn't drive stick. lololol :D
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    Early Retirement Investing: Ditch my 2018 Golf R?

    I plan to retire by 50. I married up (Corporate Attorney) :) part of the master plan to be a stay at home husband!!!!! buahahaha
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    Early Retirement Investing: Ditch my 2018 Golf R?

    a lot of variables, very true
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    Ignore List

    Just discovered that we have a member post/reply "Ignore" list on this site I will put it to good
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    Sunglasses for Driving

    Maui Jims!!! im old...
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    Kia Stinger...

    style doesn't really flow together. kinda like a Frankenstein of bad ideas...IMHO
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    2019 VW GLI with GTI Power

    I like how it looks :)
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    Truck Wash

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    Truck Wash

    Just washed this BEAST. Takes 2x the time as washing the GTI. :D
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    3 row SUV for the family + towing

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    Vegas - What to do

    This is true...