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    question about mkv GTI engine

    was this 2 litre turbo 200ps engine built specifically for the GTI? or did this engine exist in other vw/audi cars beforehand such as the A3 or A4or even the latest passat? and then vw decided that they may as well use it for the GTI? just wondered cos you see basically the same engine in...
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    getting a 6 pack

    whats the best way of doing this? have a v small belly but wish to make it more muscular. these days my eating habits are quite healthy and im going to the gym about 3 times a week.
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    i am unlucky

    1 and a half years ownership of a MKV. 7000 miles. let me give you an account of how my life has been with this car bodywork issues: sep 06 - incurred a minor scrape jan 07 - went into a curb too quickly and had to replace wheel/tyre mar 07 - reversed into the back of my mums car, resulted in...
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    2008 bmw m3 6min driving clip i really need to have one of these cars. problem is theyre gonna be too expensive new. should be able to get some good 2nd hand deals in 2012 hopefully. so my dream will come true by the time im 30. only thing is 7 years ago, i...
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    carrera 4s and C4s

    stupid question but are these cars the same thing? ive seen on the back of a 911 that they sometimes call it a C4S and other times it says carrera 4S.
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    who competes with the modern 911 turbo?

    just been thinking about this. its easily as fast and powerful as a ferrari F430 or a lambo gallardo. but those cars look madly outrageous and arent everyday cars. but the 911 turbo is an everyday car as its quite economical, seats 4 people, has a decent sized boot, plenty of luxury equipment...
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    heard GTI noise for first time

    although the GTI has been around in this country since 04, a few days ago i saw someone giving it the beans and it does make a wicked sound. i get the impression that most of the people who have a GTI couldnt give a fuck about the performance. most of them i see being driven by young mothers...
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    my new girlfriend, think ive done well here

    i just hope that she is not a gold digger.
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    new golf estate wonder if theyl make a GTI version.
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    is an audi R8 a better car than a lambo (gallardo)? looks, performance, comfort etc
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    american cars vs euro cars

    how come you guys didnt buy american cars? i mean they seem to be very well equipped. they have much bigger engines than the GTI, like 5 litre engines and you have a lot more space. probably a lot cheaper as well.
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    how do you lose weight on the face?

    i want my face to be less flabby. do i just do the usual exercise.
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    new civic type R loses to GTI end of the day, if you buy a honda, you end up with a honda.
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    muscle hatchbacks

    golf R32, audi S3, bmw 130i M sport. to me those cars are in a different league compared to cars like focus ST, civic type R. much bigger engines, more luxurious inside, no ricer image whatsoever. i think porsche need to make a car that competes with those 3 that i mentioned. that would be...
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    cars that irritate you

    they might not necessarily be rubbish cars. with me its those cheesy popular ones: beetle smart nearly all 4by4s especially range rovers old volvos toyota prius mini big people carriers i duno those cars make me feel very negative when seeing them. in fact whenever i see a range rover, i think...