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    Anybody else have this experience?

    Ever since I have had my GTI EVERYBODY wants to race me. I mean, sport compacts obviously, but also, minivans, pickups, sedans, everbody. I think my fast's aura is affecting them. :thumbsup: The other day I was cutting through traffic when I noticed a Focus in my rearview; he was following...
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    E-mailed Carbonio about MK5 Intake....PICS

    I e-mailed Carbonio about when their MK5 Intakes for the GTI would be available. The word is they will be available in about 3 weeks, order from APR and APR's distributors. Price is expected to be $280-$290, made from carbon fiber. The new intake includes the pressurized intake plenum along...
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    Oil Change Recommendations?

    So I am almost at 1000 miles. I know the manual says to change the oil at 5000 miles, but I feel this is excessive for the particles from breakin to be roaming about in my engine. This is my first german car. What are your recommendations for oil? I understand that the GTI ships with...