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    hardle used VAGCOM micro-can, unlimited vin cable $189 great tool for scanning and coding your car for more futures! SOLD SOLD SOLD
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    Warning low oil pressure!

    This little guy popped up on my dash on my way home from work today. I did oil change yesterday and replaced all the oil. Even checked this morning. Why did it come on again? :mad:
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    Vag-com Needle sweep? ---Solved---

    Can we Vag-com the needle sweep like the mk6? :happyanim:
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    Enjoy your hot / cold air! (Thanks car <3)

    Does anyone else have this issue where the passenger air vents blow freezing air and the driver air vents blow extremely hot air? If so how do I fix this dumb problem. Its quite funny, the center piece with the hazards one side comes cold and the other hot....
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    grinding & rattling cold & warm start up

    Well guys I'm back again! I'm having a problem well, kind of a problem. On cold starts and 50% of the time warm starts; I'm getting a rattle / grinding noise. It's and FSI, BYI engine. No codes besides your usual p0089 that I can't seem to fix. Anyway heres a video of a TSI making the same...
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    2 Faults Found: 012555 - Low Pressure Fuel regulation P310B - 008 - Fuel Pressure Outside Specification - Intermittent Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00101000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault Frequency: 11...
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    Which one do I buy? Im totally clueless... :cry: Which do you guys have? Do I buy the software/plug or is the plug in the software and I just plug it into a computer.
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    WTB BSH Motor Mounts!

    Pm me or text 908 894 0979 Will buy all together or separately.
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    Clicking when letting off accelerator?

    Just as the title says; the only way to describe the sound is when a flag pole pully hits the metal. It just started happening. Whenever I let off the accelerator it clicks. I was thinking an engine mount is loose but my mounts are stock? Anyone else have any input on what it could be?:w00t:
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    Inspection stations

    I'm a year and a half over due for inspection. Anyone know a good place to get inspected. I do not have a cat... New jersey area.
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    WTB Fog housings!

    Pm or leave a post!
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    I'm back....

    Just got home from classes car was running fine. Let it sit for about 1 hour. I pull out of my driveway and about 100 yards away from my home check engine light comes on... (oh how I miss you)! Anyway when it came out it sounded like my oil cap was off; really loud sputtering. I pull into a...
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    rardar detector for mkv

    So, who owns a rardar detector for under $200. I can't make up my mind, if its even worth the money. What would you recommend?
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    snow tire option?

    Was messing around with the snow tire option, what does it actually do? +10 or-10 it goes up to 80 mph? I'm so confused. Does it give you the most accurate reading between those speeds? Does anyone know what I'm talking about lol?