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    FS: Polk Audio Monitor60 Series II Floorstanding Loudspeaker

    Selling this new, unused Polk Floorstanding speaker. It was an impulse buy and I never bought all the other necessary equipment to hook it up. Currently its just sitting the in the corner of the living room under a cover. I do have the original box but I'm using it to store something else...
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    FS: TPMS

    Set of TPMS off the OEM wheels. SOLD
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    FS: RAD Wheel Locks

    Made in Germany. I used these when I was running Avant Garde M310's but they don't fit my current wheels and I got a different locks. New will run you 65$, I'm asking 50$ shipped
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    FS: CCW Classic [NY]

    I have some Race Classics in Porsche 5x130 fitment with ARP bolts. All in all they are in average shape, lips just need some elbow grease to shine. No rash. 5x130 18x8.5 et50 18x10 et60 sold
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    FS/FT: Kinesis - Three Piece

    Looking to try something a bit different. I originally got these because of how good I thought they looked on 993s and haven't seen them on a 964 yet. Last month they were completely redone. Faces are a Gunmetal with clear, chromed bolts, and polished lips. 18x8 et52 18x10 et40 Wheels only...
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    FS: Swann Freestyle 1080p HD

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    FS: Kleemann TS-7 w/ Tires

    Picked up something else and need to get the GTI to a more friendly daily. I love these wheels because they are not something you see everyday and my favorite set in all the wheels I've had, so its tough making this ad, but someone else should put them to better use then my soon to be raised...
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    Well boxing just took a turn for the worse.

    They can't strip him of the belt or overturn the decision, all that review can do is make a mandatory rematch which is what already is in the works for the $$$. If I would be Manny I wouldn't fight him again, nothing else to prove as it was a clear win.
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    Well boxing just took a turn for the worse.

    There was a rush of late bets on Bradley, so anyone who knows what that means knows what happened.
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    Porsche Classic

    Just saw it last night and I was also impressed. The Drive show segments are great, make sure to subscribe.
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    Post a pic of a chick you lost your job over...

    Well, my next vacation will be to Columbia.
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    Long shot but...

    You could probly find some good curb ramps for that if you want.
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    Long shot but...

    I got like a 2x12 and cut it into two 2ft segments for each wheel and just need to cut the ends into like a 4" incline. Also want to get some anti-slip fabric and glue that to the bottom to prevent it moving.