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    Anyone Interested In a Valve Cover DIY?

    just ordered a new valve cover, got the torque pattern and torque specks at whatnot. should be good on the install, except for 1 VW specific tool that cost 300+ dollars from the dealer. not sure what it does, or why i need it. anyway, if anyone's interested, i can make a write up with...
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    spark plugs / coil pack question

    could bad plugs, and or coilpacks be causing low boost?
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    so i was recently informed that the evoms (old, old as of a few months maybe?) dry filter is exactly the same as the oiled filter, minus the oil. i was also told by a distributor/shop (that won't be named) that the dry sock was REQUIRED while using the dry filter, contradicting the info that...
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    where can i get a rev D dv by thursday afternoon?

    i need a new rev d dv. the stealer is selling them for like 120 and it takes a millenium for them to get the order in, nor do i have time to drive an hour to pick it up because of work. so what's a good place to order from, on the east coast, preferably in massachusets or new york that isn't...
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    Anyone Catch BROKEN LIZARD, Higher Ground Burlington VT

    saw the guys from super troopers perform sketch comedy, acts from movies, and individual stand up / story / comedy acts up in Burlington VT last weekend at higher ground. was pretty funny, considering they haven't made a movie in awhile it was good to see something fresh. anyone on here make...
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    Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?

    either flickr or golfmkv resizes them. they look better in their normal aspect ratio.
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    VW 1 Subaru 0

    stopped by the dealer today, picked up a few of these stickers, perfect for sticking my my friend's subaru.
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    omg 700 hp Mini Cooper

    what the fuck is all i can think of. all the info the guy gave was as follows Blown 392 (he said 700hp) Parallel 4 link with panhard bar Ford 9" Air Ride Tech ride level pro air system Shockwave Airbags on all 4 corners Boyd one-off wheels (I didn't look but the rear wheels were at least 10") 2...
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    Bored Photo Day

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    N75 part #, cost, difficulty to replace?

    basically the subject is the question. what's the part #, what's the cost, and how hard is it to replace? p.s. anyone who has a bently manual, scans would be so so so so so greatly appreciated.
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    Program to graph VAG, not excel

    i need one, preferably tonight. help me out where do i go?
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    p0299; Boost Leak; NOT my DV

    help me out here. i've thrown a CEL twice in the last month for p0299, you know the one, lower range exceeded between turbo and outlet or whatever. basically the code that points to a bad DV. however i checked, my DV is not bad. so help me out. what could it be? my downpipe was installed w/...
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    full boost, 1/4 throttle, wtf?

    i'm giving it part throttle around 3-4K rpm in i don't know what gear, 4th or 5th or 6th, and my boost gauge just shoots right up. this is new. it used to take full throttle, wtf is going on here? i'll do a TBA before i start it in the morning, see if it gets any better.
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    Pulled Over Tonight

    i was doing 50 in a 50 on a curvy ass road in the rain hugging the white line but not crossing it, holding the wheel w/ my knee lighting cigarettes, driving flawlessly. all the while this car is behind me; i think it's a cop immediately thinking it's lights resemble crown vic lights. he rides...