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    Ukraine - Corprin Abandons Thread - Spam Links Take Over

    He's been up there for weeks so it's nothing really new
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    Apple employees union plans.

    apparently not well enough with all the news sites picking up on it....
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    T-Mobile first to reach 100 % renewable energy amongst the US carriers.

    DO they have 100% because they work in like 2 places? I know back home and even here their reception is so spotty i'm better off sending a carrier pigeon
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    Top Tier Fuel

    As was I, they haven't moved their headquarters for petroleum from Ohio but the Oil side is in Texas
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    Top Tier Fuel

    It's still in Ohio. I only know that because they're huge in the midwest and have a refinery here in Michigan
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    And there goes the Dodge Charger and Challenger.

    They’re not gonna kill off those names, just finally getting moved to a new platform
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    Anyone else considering the new Cadillac Blackwing models?

    And I'd rather have the larger slower porches too. Interior quality/ fit and finish is better. If you thought my "cross-shopping" was bad at my hypothetical what i'd rather have you'd have an aneurysm over what people actually cross-shops
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    Anyone else considering the new Cadillac Blackwing models?

    Not sure, also not a problem for me
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    Anyone else considering the new Cadillac Blackwing models?

    If i had the money i would think about it long and hard but would still probably go with an audi or porshe of some sort tbh
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    Hyundai Santa Cruz may be the vehicle that gets me out of my GTI

    If i had to get a truck and not want full size it would be the maverick. Not super keen on the looks but the hybrid and price puts it way over the competition. Most of the trucks have very similar mileage and price for most of the decent optioned one so you might as well go a get a nice midsize...
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... Woman With Pistol More Effective Than All Cops And Feds In Uvalde - Because That's What Heroes Do

    Probably because at the end of the day you can still get it again quite easily. I know a few people that had it twice within that time frame they are quoting and it actually was worse the second time for them
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    Any here into retro gaming?

    I'm on a gaming computer but i doesn't seem like it would be very demanding
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    Any here into retro gaming?

    I'm using pcsx2. If wanted i can pm you the link to more roms
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    Any here into retro gaming?

    I actually just got into emulators, currently ps2 games