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    Secondary Air Injection fault 😕

    I just fixed this code with 1K0131128D “4” in the attached photo of the SAI system
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    2008 MKV GTI United Gray FSI Partout

    I’m interested in the short shifter and boost gauge if still available pm
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    WTB MK 5 GTI

    I have a white 09 pzev with 122k miles, lightly modded very well maintained, all new coolant hoses, aux water pump, updated timing chain tensioner, carbon clean at 90k, catted CTS turbo back with o2 sensors no cel. I have a spreadsheet with all maintenance if you would like, comes with genuine...
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    No CEL CBFA CTS Downpipe Stock Tune (soundclip :D)

    2009 CBFA TSI On 5/10/20 (~118,300) I installed my CTS Turbo Catted Downpipe to complete my full turboback (catback also CTS) but I did not plan on tuning the car due to potentially causing the clutch to slip. I used two Vibrant O2 J-Spacers, (amazon was cheapest at the time) one on the...
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    Socal MK5 Sighting Thread (Part 2)

    ill start this back up Temecula CA Big Horse and Feed White MK5 R
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    WTB: MK5 Xenon Headlights

    I’m looking for either a pair of matching headlight that are compatible with the one connections, or an own passenger headlight. I do not need the ballasts or lights. Located in SoCal will pickup or pay for shipping .
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    HID intermittent problems

    Ive been dealing with this issue and I have noticed a lot of flaking and cracking on the wire casing, I went ahead and wrapped the wires with electrical tape to prevent shorting where the wires touch and now my lights are working but I am looking for a replacement harness as a permanent fix...
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    Chipped ECU Swap

    I only put on about 10k miles a year and I’m going to put a catted Downpipe on soon and I would like to have a test pipe file so I don’t have to deal with the CEL
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    Chipped ECU Swap

    I have 116k miles and the PZEV Warranty lasts until 150k -edit: if i was not under warranty i would definitely get a real tune flashed its just I don't want to mess with the warranty because it covers a ton of expensive maintenance that could potentially arise here soon.
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    Mk6 tsi ecu swapped in mk5 gti tsi?

    *bump* Any update on this I am curious about this as well
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    Chipped ECU Swap

    I have a 2009 GTI CBFA (MT) and I was wondering what it would involve if I were to swap the stock ECU with a stage 1 or 2 ECU. I would find one with the same engine code, year, etc but I was wondering if the instrument cluster is also paired to the ecu as I have heard you can have immo problems...
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    Cobb For MK5 in the Works?

    And the fact that you can switch on the fly and not have to pay extra to do so, it’s convenient I guess