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  • Hello Mike,
    Recently I've installed a forge twintake on my golf R and have been lovin it.

    However after doing some logging my fuel trims showed rather lean values, up to 14.5%:yikes:
    At first thought typical: too much boost on my tune + aftermarket intake = leaner mixture. But 14.5 is really high, so checked my boost levels and all seems pretty reasonable for a stage 1 ko4: peak is at 20-21psi holding at 17-18psi.
    Had no DTCs, but cleared the codes so the fuel trim values would be reset at 0. After the reset I drive the car for 7-8 minutes completely off-boost, changing gears at 1,800rpms (so the intake is practically not "pulling air" and the turbo not spooling), and my longterm fuel trim sits at +1.4% and my short term at +10.2%
    My guess would be a vacuum leak... Probably related to the installation process of the twintake, any thoughts or advice?
    Any ideas on what I should be checking?
    Thx a lot
    Hey Mike,
    I saw your post in a DIY Forge Blow Off Adapter. I am curious if you offer any discount to members of this forum.
    Thank you.
    Hey Mike,

    You will probably recall that I have the TWINtake installed (I'm UK based) and am curious about what would happen if I ran a flexi-hose from the foglight area to end, without sealed attachment, in the area of the headlight cannister.

    Assuming that more air would then be delivered via that side, would it create an inbalance of air and hence detrimental(?) turbulence at the 'Y' pipe junction?

    My car is in Volkswagen Racing's workshop on Tuesday and we could easily do this mod but not if would be detrimental.

    Any info or thoughts appreciated.

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