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    YCW Suspension Sale: 100% Custom Valved Coilovers from $1199.95!

    Hey guys, now that our facility is fully operational, and fully stocked with parts, we are excited to offer our new range of YCW Suspension to forum members at special discounted pricing! Why YCW Suspension? 1) Designed and Engineered in the United Kingdom by British Engineers 2) Offers a...
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: YCW Suspension

    New YCW Suspension Website After a short hiatus due to internal restructuring of management, partnerships with new overseas suppliers, as well as construction of a new purpose-built R&D/Manufacturing facility, we are now proud to announce the launch of the new YCW Suspension website! What's...
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    YCW Reference Series Coilovers - Official Pre-Order List

    Hey guys, with initial install/testing now behind us, and significant feedback received from all those involved to iron out any bugs and how to make these the best value coilovers on the market (I would personally like to thank every one of our testers!), we are now proud to announce the...
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    YCW Reference Series Coilovers (Round 2 Testing) - From $900

    Hey Guys, now that the initial test sets from Round 1 have shipped out to the designated testers, we would like to start an open-list for Round 2 of testing. although the feature list below is 100% confirmed, we may make some design changes (for the better) based upon the feedback we receive...
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    MFactory Coilovers for Golf mk5 - Sponsored Drivers Required

    YCW Reference Series Coilovers - Sponsored Drivers Required Hey Guys, after researching the various coilover setups currently available on the market, we've noticed there is a gap in the market for a setup that is: 1) Offers premium real-world features, at an affordable price point 2) Offers...
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    MFactory Competition Products - Looking for high profile cars for development

    Hey Guys, MFactory Competition Products, specialists in Drivetrain performance products, are looking for high-profile cars (i.e cars taken to the track) to work with on development of our range of products. You can view more information about our company in our Trade section...
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    MFactory Limited Slip Differentials - From $799.95 inc Shipping & Lifetime Warranty

    MFactory Limited Slip Differentials - From $799.95 inc Shipping & Lifetime Warranty Helical LSD Gain a prominent advantage over the competition with the MFactory Helical Limited Slip Differential. Through the smooth and constant distribution of power to the wheels, the MFactory Helical LSD...
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    Hello golfmkv, - Are you sick & tired of the "One Wheel Wonder" syndrome? Just imagine it; You're sitting at the line, waiting for the Green to light up on the tree, you disengage the clutch then bam, big cloud of tire smoke but you're not going anywhere! You're not the first, and most...