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    EOI: 18" rs6 reps wheels

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    The $54,000 Range Rover :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    HELP!... please diagnose engine noise...

    :frown::frown::frown::frown: please help me to diagnose this WEIRD noise from the engine. link here the engine is shaking terribly (not my hand shaking) and the sound is scary... recent service + mods forge twintake (on car for 1000km) bolts for the cure for knocking subframes lower control...
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    FS: OEM standard GTI Tail lights

    OEM standard GTI Tail lights - (4 pieces - inners&outers) parts from 07golf..... with very close look, fine lines on the surface but not scratches Asking price: $100+postage location melbourne. cheers :thumbsup:
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    anyone interested for group buy for ecstuning??? :thumbsup: seems like its having abit of sale :biggrin: i am interested in this
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    VIC-CBD-room for rent

    if any interest..... :biggrin: just trying luck here ...:wub:
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    WTS: OSIR Gloss Carbon MkV

    one of my mates want to sell the above - new, in a box. looking at $1000+shipping if interstate (90% sure its double-sided, will update when confirmed) cheers:thumbsup:
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    [VIC] watercooled meetups events

    seems pretty quiet these days.... just firing up some events in watercooled vw :23: anyone thinking of any spring drives recently???:drool::drool:
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    [VIC] watercooled meetups events

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    the world’s largest Audi Centre, London
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    WATCH OUT! What: New Mobile Speed Cameras Where: nsw atm but might be Everywhere soon! When: Effective July 19 2010 How: New cars will have a mobile camera on top of it with the latest technology and...
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    WTS: carbon fibre vinyl from USA

    SOLD thanks for all interest parties.
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    WTB / WTT 18" wheels & coilover/cupkit/combo

    New financial year starts today! haha :lol: interested in getting myself an upgrade to 18" wheels preferred reps, bbs, rs4.... and also interested to lower my ride down with coilovers/ or combos etc.. at the moment, looking for re-sale or parts-out cars.... or trade wheels thank...
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    [VIC] GTG blackSpur Drive - June 13, 2010

    Hey guys, I am kinda noob here but would really like to meet the rest of the owners of our proud rides.... just wondering anyone interested in a BLACKSPUR DRIVE on Queens' birthday weekend? i have never done that route and i have never gone for a GTG.... if...
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    Removal of Alum strips trim

    hey guys. have anyone removed the interior alum strips trim? link - i would appreciate some help in Melbourne if anyone have done this. i got a friend who runs a panel-beater workshop and i was thinking of removing the trims and get him...