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    Daily Driving stick sucks rant.

    Not driving stick chops 6" off your dick. I mean if you're packing a foot long then sure go ahead this way at least you'll be able to put it in our girls butt. If you're not everyone will just laugh at you.
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    Thought I'd share what I got after selling the mk7 R...

    It is an auto dudes... he said it in his original post.
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    Thought I'd share what I got after selling the mk7 R...

    How is your lower back in that...?
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    Worst car Subculture

    You need to make a different poll. 1. Stance fags 2. JDM Cocksuckers 3. Brozers 4. Eurosnobs
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    Bought a 15 SS

    Isn't it basically an 8 year old Pontiac G8 GXP ?:laugh: Not much "First model year" stuff in this car. But it will likely hold the value incredibly well. And it is pretty much the ultimate sleeper.
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    Bought a 15 SS

    Are they blowing those out at 10k off sticker? Sweet car though!
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    Bought a new weekend toy (R32 content)

    Great car! How were the badge/headlights modified? Is it reversible?
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    The Next Car Swap

    So I watched the TGV? Valve removal vid... what does that valve do? you just replaced it with one without an actuator that is always open...?
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    Identify this car.

    F type SHAGUAR coupe
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    GK Goes JDM, Brah. Beats Worst Forum Member on Actually Getting a Car this Century

    Not bad but 1k... is 1k that ain't a broken lightbulb.