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  • Hi Maverick, I have a 2005 GTi you helped me put an RNS510 and Bluetooth module in about 4-5 years ago! I lived in an apartment in Auchenflower at the time... I'm hoping to buy the latest maps from you, and I have a few questiosn too. Can we chat please?
    Dean White
    (can we post email addresses and phone numbers in here?)
    Hi, I'm desperate for an rns 510 and was looking on ebay and want tto know if you think their safe to buy? Also i have my vagcom cable so i'm ready to go when you have instructions. Do you know of anyone selling an rns 510 here? last quest, i have photos of my old SATNAV but don't know how to put my for sale add on thr forum, what do i do please. thanks heaps adam
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